Hotel Alessandra

I arrived at Hotel Alessandra on a Thursday afternoon.  I was greeted by friendly faces that opened the beautiful glass doors that lead me to a marble staircase.  They told me to go up to the second floor and I would find the reception area to check in and that they would bring my bags up.  I couldn't help but be in awe at the beautiful French flair and museum-like feel to this place.  I knew I had finally found my new little home away from home right here in the heart of my very own city.

I was immediately greeted by a lovely staff member that referred to me as Miss Moon.  I looked around and fell in love with the interior design of this place.  Every tiny detail is truly beautiful here; from the arrangement of exotic flowers sitting on the front desk down to the lighting and sitting areas. There are comfortable couches everywhere on this floor with gold accent tables topped with marble.  The ambiance is really sexy.  The hotel has a luxurious look mixed with modern sophistication.  This is the perfect place to get away with your girlfriends, your lover or simply by yourself because the possibilities of things to do here are endless. 


 The hotel is located in downtown, so you are literally blocks away from some of the finest restaurants and bars and the ever so lovely Houston Theatre District.  Directly across the street you have Green Street Houston which is an area with restaurants, shops and an amazing art gallery.  If you are short on time or don't have a car just walk on over and explore this wonderful area.  I almost forgot to mention that this hotel has complimentary car service in the downtown area and you travel in extreme style being that the hotel car is a Maserati.  


I couldn't wait to go upstairs and explore more.  I was taken to my suite on the 16th floor and when I opened the door I realized it was even more extravagant than I could have imagined.  The suite was larger than most hotel rooms in the Houston area and it wrapped around to give me a beautiful view of downtown Houston.  Every room has an amazing vintage theme with royal green, black and white and gold accents.  There is a beautiful bathtub that divides the bedroom and the beautiful black and white bathroom.  It made everything even more dreamy and I knew that I would spend a lot of my time relaxing in this sweet heavenly space during my staycation here.  Although empty room pictures alone don't do it justice...simply keep reading this blog because I feel like we truly captured the essence of this place so that you can really get a feel for it.

The room has a full mini bar, and a very fancy coffee and espresso maker that I got to enjoy the next morning.  They also provide the guests with various local magazines to guide you around town.  I love the fact that the room is so large that it even has a little sitting area with a beautiful emerald green vintage couch and a small gold table.  That little table was perfect for catching up on work (key thing for everyone who travels on business and needs a little workstation) and it was also perfect to dine in the room or have breakfast.  All of my windows gave me a fantastic view of downtown.  It was beautiful to relax and wind down to this view at night but it was even more beautiful to wake up to this amazing view of my city!

image 14.JPEG

I put all of my stuff away and waited for my sister (AlphieNumeric) and Vanessa to arrive so that we could enjoy a little sunshine by the pool!  The pool and fitness center are located on the 5th floor.  I like that this hotel pool overlooks downtown and that it was designed perfectly so that you get plenty of sunshine at any time throughout the day.  The fitness center has anything and everything you may need (lots of fancy equipment) and it gives you a lovely view of the pool area overlooking the city.  It has a big bowl of delicious apples and cucumber infused ice water to keep you hydrated.  On that same floor you also have the spa and I didn't get to check it out on this visit but I will be coming back for a spa weekend very soon.

The pool area has lounge chairs with very comfortable padding and towels that are placed over for each guest.  There are a few lounge chairs in the pool that were the perfect spot to tan on.  Drinks and food may be ordered by the pool, so it makes you never want to leave.  Who doesn’t love a gorgeous pool and delicious drinks on a rooftop over the city?  I like that the pool is never really crowded and that staff is constantly coming around to check up on you and refill your drinks or get you anything that you may need. 

At night we decided to dress up and hang out at Bardot, which is the beautiful bar located on the second floor of Hotel Alessandra.  The atmosphere of this bar is sultry and sexy with a bit of dreamy decadence.  It brought me back to the feeling of being in one of the beautiful upscale bars of NYC.  I had a few lavender Bardot’s (their signature drink) and we enjoyed catching up on the comfortable couches.  They play really cool music and it was relaxing to just enjoy the evening there without having to go anywhere else.  

I love the fact that everyone at this hotel is extremely helpful and they even call you by name.  Everyone is always willing to assist you with whatever you may need.  We decided to have a little boudoir shoot in our room so they brought up some champagne flutes filled with bubbly for us.  Our photoshoot was really fun and creative and we had such an amazing time doing that in that gorgeous vintage restroom (will be posting pictures soon because they came out so so beautiful).   


My night at Alessandra was fabulous.  I had a bath bomb so I spent my time in the bathtub reading and drinking champagne without a care in the world!  I just love the fact that I got a little chance to relax and totally zone out and get lost in my book.  I ordered room service and my hamburger was cooked to of the best burgers I've ever had and totally bad for my diet but staycation diet is just like vacation diet (right LOL)!  I did my usual nightly skincare routine and then I passed out.  I cannot begin to tell you how comfortable that bed literally felt like I floated onto a giant cloud so I couldn't help but go to bed early (lol I'm a bit boring I know but I really value my beauty sleep).  I did force myself to wake up for a sunrise shoot and a quick morning workout the next day before all the fun began all over again.

206CF4FA-9112-4FB7-A097-A75A8292FEF0 (1).JPG


*Photographer’s take note because this hotel is a dream for photoshoots.  I would highly recommend it to anyone getting married as well because the rooms are beautiful and this would be a lovely place to get your pictures taken while you are preparing for your event.  For all of my friends who live in other cities and countries, I highly recommend this hotel because it is in the center of all the action in downtown Houston.  I loved the amazing service, the amazing food (be sure to dine at Lucienne on the second floor) and the highlight of my stay was the room and pool area.  Every nook and corner is amazing and I was elated that I got to capture so many beautiful memories here.  

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Thank you for having me Hotel Alessandra and I'm already daydreaming about my next stay.