Staycation at The Woodlands Resort

Do you ever feel like you need a break from the city life in Houston?  I do and very often I feel that way.  This month I felt like I needed a break because I have a lot going on and I'm drowning in work at the moment but I knew I could not book a trip and leave town so I decided to take a little staycation.  I always love exploring our wonderful city so when an amazing invite to the relaunch of Robard's Steakhouse came up I decided to pack my bags and spend a weekend at The Woodlands Resort.

I honestly had no idea what to expect because the only time I ever visit The Woodlands is for concerts.  Houston is such a large city that you have to drive about one hour (with no traffic) just to get to the opposite end of the city.  The drive there was so serene.  The entrance to this resort makes you feel like you are driving along the road on your way to Florida or somewhere on the east coast!  There is plenty of greenery and these beautiful tall pine trees that line the entrance, so for a girl like me that was pure heaven.  This resort is built on 28,000 acres of natural forest.  It has an on-site championship golf course, a beautiful tennis court and several swimming pools.  It has a beautiful spa and fitness center and several hiking and biking trails to explore nature.


When I arrived I was greeted by friendly faces everywhere.  The valet guy was extremely helpful and said he would wait for me with a small shuttle to take me back to my room.  I walked into the main lobby and was mesmerized by the beauty of it.  It has this beautiful grand marble entrance and staircase that is the perfect backdrop for pictures.  I had a fairly quick and easy check in process and was given information and the map to the place because it is huge!  I was also given wristbands and information on the waterpark (yes it has a beautiful lazy river and several pools and many amazing restaurants onsite as well).


I was taken over to my building which was the 5th floor Aviator's Landing in building 3000.   There are a variety of different rooms you can choose from but I was excited about staying in the club floor rooms!  I was escorted up to my room by a really helpful staff member that helped me carry my bags up to my suite.  As soon as I walked in I immediately noticed how beautiful and spacious my suite was and how the lighting gave it such a romantic vibe.  It had a small sitting area by the window that overlooked a small lake and fountain.  The bed was large and very comfortable with the softest linens imaginable.  I also noticed that I even had a personal Ipad with my name to make my stay even more welcoming!  That Ipad made it really easy to look up the amenities and restaurants and it was really helpful for booking or finding important phone numbers for assistance.  The room also had a small fridge, a coffeemaker and several water bottles.  It had a desk to get work done and a television of course but I don't watch TV so I always forget to mention that small important but very necessary detail.


Being the typical "Piscean Mermaid" that I am, I immediately organized my stuff and put everything away so that I could go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I changed into my swimsuit and headed for the pool.  As I walked through the pathway that lead to the pool I noticed plenty of big cozy couches and chairs with individual sitting areas overlooking the lake.  It was so refreshing to see people on business trips with their computers working outside!  I am one of those people that truly loves nature and I find it even better when I can work outside because it makes me even more productive.  

There are several pools at the resort and some are heated and others aren't.  As soon as you enter the pool area you see a giant double helix water slide and a beautiful water fall.  There is a lazy river that takes you on a super fun adventure.  I arrived on a Thursday so I got to enjoy it without too many people being in the water!  I cannot even imagine how amazing this resort is during the summer because there are cabana spaces you can rent to enjoy the entire day out by the pool.  There are waterfalls, there is a wonderful jacuzzi that you can enjoy and that amazing lazy river is my favorite part!

I enjoyed my afternoon in the pool area and then decided to grab a quick bite at the Cool Water Cafe! The servers and bar staff were really attentive and provided me with really quick service which is great when you are on a time crunch.  I ordered a chicken tender basket with fries that was delicious and a refreshing coke!  I also noticed that right next to the bar there was a beautiful pink stand called the Sweet Spot Ice Cream Parlour.  You can order ice cream, cookies and sorbets with all types of delicious toppings.  I can't ever say no to ice cream so I got a delicious treat before heading back up to my room.

I explored the premises a bit more and got some beautiful pictures.  Everywhere you turn you just see these lush beautiful gardens with immaculate greenery and lots of animals.  I love resorts that cater to the natural environment and habitats of other creatures.  I headed back to my room because I knew that we had to be at Robard’s Steakhouse at 6pm.  The lovely hotel staff delivered a little snack to my room as I was getting ready and it just made the experience at the resort that much more sweeter.  I love thoughtful gestures and this place really comes through with that amazing Southern hospitality!

Robard’s Steakhouse was a delightful experience all on its own so be sure to click here to read all about it.

After our event we went back to The 5th Floor Aviator's Landing or also known as the Concierge Level or Club Level.  It is probably an ideal option for you when you decide to book your stay here because of the wonderful amenities and services they provide for you.  We woke up the next morning to a vast array of delicious pastries, fruits, cheeses, eggs, salmon and meats.  If you prefer to eat a light breakfast like I do, then you have lighter options like yogurt parfaits and fresh fruit.  A coffee maker is also available here and you can make yourself a strong espresso or have a sweet and savory latte.  E and I enjoyed our peaceful view that morning overlooking one of the lakes and we watched an old Audrey Hepburn movie in the lounge.  Our floor had an incredible hostess who helped us out with any of our needs and always greeted us with such a cheerful smile.  The 5th floor lounge also has an evening happy hour with appetizers and drinks. 


This resort was perfect for a romantic getaway.  You can find many areas with dim lighting and comfortable couches to relax on.  There are also outdoor fire pits so that you can enjoy the outdoors and admire the beautiful Texas night sky.  The sounds of the water fountains on the lake were so soothing.  I really wish that I had stayed a little longer but we really needed to get back to reality.  I hope to come back this summer for a longer weekend and just have fun in the sun everyday and float along the lazy river!  I think this resort is perfect for families with children because there is so much to do (even a game room for those that like to stay inside).  The amount of activities you can experience here are endless!  I hope you take the time this summer to book a little trip out to The Woodlands and get away from the busy city life.  I promise you that you will fall in love with the serenity this place brings you.