Dallas Texas - What to Do and Where to Go

So in November I decided to go to Dallas...I hadn't been to Dallas since February but it is one of my favorite cities (please don't disown me Houstonians lol but it truly is).  Vanessa and I decided to go on a little road trip and just have a fun girls weekend and get away from Houston for a bit.  We both decided that the Lorenzo Hotel would be perfect for our stay.  This hotel is a beautiful art-filled boutique hotel in downtown Dallas (check out my review on the hotel in this post).  We both love art and figured that the entire hotel would be perfect for pictures and because the hotel is located in a very central location to all the areas we wanted to visit.




We checked into the hotel early (I love hotels that accommodate early birds like us) and we kind of changed outfits and re-did our makeup because you know how us girls can be LOL.  We decided to go brunch at one spot that we had found via social media called Bar Stellar.  I couldn't find the actual website for this establishment but I did link the Yelp review and that is where you can find the location and read reviews...it was located in a really cool area with lots of cool shops and walls that caught our eye for pictures.  The food and the drinks were awesome but the thing about this place is that it is beautiful!!!  It gives me a Marie Antoinette vibe on one side, with lots of olive green  and gold and soft pink tones that make it look very classy.  The other side of the bar has a beautiful wallpaper filled with plants (you know I fell in love) and I love the combination of the tones of olive greens and mauve pinks that they use.  This place is perfect for a girls brunch (or brunch with your closest friends) and it has an outdoor patio so I'm sure that at night this place is amazing too!  




Okay so our first night there we decided we wanted sushi and really good drinks but we also decided that we did not want to drive so we Ubered our way over to a cool sushi spot that was quite close to our hotel.  Shoutout to Uber and the amazing driver who gave us both a cute handwritten thank you note...you cannot beat that Southern hospitality in Texas.  We went to a really cool sushi spot called Little Katana Blackship.  The sushi here was amazing and if you ever go you must remember to order the Katana Roll!  The drinks were extremely strong and delicious so it will remain one of my favorite spots in Dallas and I didn't get great pictures of the food because it was late and the lighting was too dark...but it was amazing!  I know I will definitely be visiting this spot the next time I'm there!

Another one of my favorite restaurants was located in Deep Ellum and it was called Stirr.  This place seemed like it was just a regular restaurant but little did I know that it had 3 levels.  As soon as I walked in the cool stairs caught my eye because it said "there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs".  The name of this really cool place is Stirr.  We were immediately sat upon arriving and we ordered some amazing salads and appetizers to start off our busy day that Sunday.  They had an extensive wine list that I didn't get to try but they had amazing drinks on the brunch menu that I did try.  We loved the food and the attentive service and as soon as we finished our lunch we headed up to the third floor to checkout the rooftop bar.  The ambiance was amazing and there were comfy couches and a giant bar!  I fell in love with the black and white decor of the stairs, so if you are ever in Dallas please be sure to check out this amazing establishment.



Vanessa and I love catching up over coffee here in Houston and so we decided to grab coffee and edit some of the photos we had taken.  We saw a charming coffee spot on Instagram and decided this place would be perfect.  As soon as we parked the car we instantly knew we would love Magnolias Sous Le Pont.  The building is very beautiful...it reminds me of the places in France.  It is a beautiful teal building with little windows and it has these cute little tables lined up so that you can enjoy your afternoon coffee outdoors.  As you enter the coffeeshop, you get more of a rustic chic vibe.  The floors are wooden and the lighting is amazing, some areas are well lit and others are dark and cozy.  It gives you such a warm feeling of comfort to be there and I think it would be the perfect place to work on personal projects or study or catch up with friends.  It has several tables and couches and different sitting areas.  You can also sit outside but unfortunately we happened to go on a rainy day so we sat inside near the big beautiful windows. We came in for coffee but couldn't pass up the desserts!  There were plenty of different options but I went with the traditional latte and I couldn't have made a better choice.  This place is soooo dreamy...if I lived in Dallas this would definitely be my place to hang out at and do this blogging and photography business of mine!



I bet you all didn't know that Dallas was an artsy city.  To be honest I don't know much about Dallas but I knew about Deep Ellum and it being the arts district.  I can't compare it to a neighborhood in Houston because it is different but I would say that it is similar to The Heights but with more murals.  I didn't get a chance to checkout the museums or the art there the last time I was there so this time around I knew that I wanted to explore it all.  Deep Ellum (originally called Deep Elm) is a really cool area in Dallas where creative artists can display their art.  There are lots of art galleries, street murals, and public art with deep displays of creativity.  There are tons of cute shops and restaurants and bars, but in between all of that you find normal homes where people live.  It is an area east of Downtown Dallas and I have linked it above so you know what to do or where to go when you are there.  Lots of street parking is available but there are plenty of private lots that you pay and you can leave your car for a few hours while you walk around.  It was one of my favorite areas because we got to enjoy the whole day here, if you are a photographer then you truly do not want to miss this place!



Dallas has some really amazing museums and here are a few and I have linked the page so you can check ahead when planning your visit.  I want to explore more of them when I return but here are my top places to check out.

Kimbell Art Museum

Dallas Museum of Art

Geometric Madi Museum

Perot Museum is a science museum but that building is pure art! Def one of my faves.

Nasher Sculpture Center

**This place isn't filled with art but it is my favorite in the Spring...if you remember a lot of my pink trees last year, this is the place where I captured it.  Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.




I feel like people from Houston don't really take the time to get to know Dallas but hopefully after reading this you plan a little trip and go and enjoy what our rival city has to offer because I promise it that you won't regret it!