New Tabs!

I have decided to make a travel tab on my blog!  I don't feel like I travel a lot but every single time that I do...people want to know more about it and what I'm doing or where I'm staying.  I don't mind sharing my life with you all.  Most people are on a budget so I will try to keep my options within range of any person who would be on a budget.  

I am the person you want to travel with!  I love to read reviews, I love to do research and just know about the place where I'm traveling to.  I hope you enjoy my itinerary and I hope that you enjoy staying at these places or that you enjoy visiting these restaurants or bars or coffeeshops as much as I do.  I always try and squeeze in time for scenic places in every city.  I love to travel and it is one of my greatest passions,  I love that I can capture everything on camera and I hope this reaches you and makes your experience in that city easier!