The Infamous Snake Plant

I always talk about one of my favorite plants which is called a snake plant.  It is also called mother in laws tongue but I find that a bit creepy because I have only had one official mother in law in my life and I really loved her and she was super cool so I refuse to call it that but you can go ahead LOL.  The scientific name for this plant is Sansevieria and there are various types of it.  I couldn’t choose one because I find them all very beautiful and I’m sharing pictures of my snake babies so I guess you can decide which one is best for you.




According to Nasa and many online articles that I have found regarding this plant is that it is the perfect houseplant for your home environment.  Most plants take away oxygen at night but this one gives oxygen into its environment.  Isn't it amazing, how a tiny living thing can do this for us?  I just find plants so magical because without their existence we would not be here.   This plant also filters formaldeyhyde, tricholoroethylene, xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air.  Yeah I had to google a lot of those terms but I guarantee that you probably have those in your home.

If you are worried because you cannot keep pets or plants or children or anyone alive, have no fear...this is the perfect plant for you.  I have it indoors, outdoors and I feel that nothing can kill it.  You might ignore it and travel and forget about it, but don't you worry because it will still be there.  During the Texas Ice Storm of 2018 in January one of my outdoor snake plants froze but its spring here and it is already coming back.  

I love this plant because it gives my home a modern and sophisticated look.  I feel like it can brighten any space and I love the fact that it grows very tall.  

How to care for you snake plant: 

1.  Use free-draining soil mix.  I like to mix perlite into the soil for better water drainage.

2.  Water it once a week or every two weeks. 

3.  Water the dirt but not the leaves (you don’t want to over water and cause it to rot). 

4.  Indirect sunlight or direct sunlight is best.  These plants even grow in dim light but at a slower pace. 

I hope you decide to go out and buy one of these beauties and remember to tag me on Instagram if you do!