Plant Queen

So if you are new to my blog or my Instagram you have probably realized that I am a crazy plant lady.  I love plants and they make me really happy.  They not only make me happy but they make my house look really pretty.  I love caring for plants and although I know a lot about them, most of the time it's kind of hit and miss....I learn as I go along. 



Most of the facts and information that I know about plants comes from my mother.  She is like the original plant queen LOL...and she has such an amazing green thumb and she is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to plants.  It's really awesome because this plant love has been passed down from generation to generation.  Growing up I always remember her working in the yard and growing lots of beautiful flowers and trees.  I remember that every time we would make a trip down south to Mexico both of my grandmothers also had amazing greenery.  Most of my earliest childhood memories are my grandmother's yards and gardens in I guess the older I get the more my green thumb shines.

I've decided to answer more plant questions here on the blog so feel free to message me via DMS or on here and remember to follow my personal page En La Luna.  It is a page I created so that I cold share more of my pretty plants with you all.  The picture up there is just a random collection of some of my favorites.  This winter has been brutal and I cannot wait for Spring so that I can revamp these babies and repot them.  I have all sorts of plants but my favorites will always be succulents.  Each week I will try and focus on a different plant so that I can give you more information about them and maybe then you decide what kind of plants you want to start growing.