Visit Houston - 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Visit Houston - 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide - Visit Houston

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Petite Sweets

Recently I got the chance to check out Petite Sweets in the River Oaks area and I literally felt like a kid in a candy store.  The place is small but super cute.  There are a few tables inside and a few tables line the outside of the establishment so that you can enjoy this fine Houston weather that's been showing off lately.  You know I love interior design and this place is sleek and simple with white decor and dark brown wooden floors (that really caught my eye).  Anyway getting back to the important part here....ya'll know ICE CREAM is my weakness soooo when Vanessa asked me to join her for an ice cream filled donut sandwich...I could not say no (I was literally clapping my hands when I said that LOL).  

We went on a Sunday afternoon at about 1pm and the place was relatively quiet with just a few customers.  We were greeted by two very friendly employees that gave us plenty of samples of ice cream and answered all these questions we had about the ice cream sandwich.  So apparently people can choose different things like cookies or brownies to create sandwiches.  I am an ice cream aficionado I tell ya...and the ice cream here is not only delicious but it is made locally by Lee's Creamery.  I sampled various flavors including one with goat cheese that was amazing but I ended up choosing the one with glitter and it was purple...and it was insanely delicious (AND IT HAD GLITTER).  I got mermaid sprinkles on my donut sandwich and Vanessa got the galaxy sprinkles on hers.  It was amazing...warm donut bread with sugar and sprinkles mixed with ice what's not to love?  It was delicious and everything I expected it to be but I can say that it was very messy... so don't you dare order this on a first date or anything like that (just be a simpleton and order a little cup of ice cream and you can thank me later lol).  I cannot wait to go back and try the macarons, the cakes, and just the simple ice cream cone because I feel that is the best way to savor the actual flavor of it.  Moderation is key and although I wish I could go everyday... but I have decided to pace myself and go back every few weeks :)

Be sure to check out Mr. Lee's other fine establishments...I guarantee you will want to add these places to your Houston Bucket List and it will help support local businesses! 

Here are the links and locations!



Brunch The Morning After...

Are you ready to sample unlimited amounts of delicious food and cocktails from Houston's hottest brunch spots?  Purchase your tickets now and join us for a super cool event this Saturday September 30, 2017 brought to you by the Houston Press and Whole Foods Market.




The event takes place at the Bayou City Event Center Pavillion located at:  9401 Knight Rd Houston, Texas 77045


VIP ticket holders can arrive at 11:00 am and regular ticket holders will be enter the event at 11:30.  The event ends at 2:30pm so this gives us plenty of time to eat, drink and be merry!

Purchase tickets:

So there are VIP tickets for the event and there are regular general admission tickets.  Click on this link to read more about it and it will take you over to the page for purchasing!

Official Website:  Houston Press:  The Morning After

Brought to you by : Whole Foods Market &  Houston Press


UPDATE: August 30, 2017.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOUSTON!  Today in 1836, Houston was born!

The sun is finally out and we couldn't be happier.  I will be adding reputable organizations to donate to (on the list below) so feel free to check back for regular updates.  If you are in another city and want to donate goods...feel free to email me at so I can get you connected with the right people! We thank ya'll from the bottom of our hearts.


Thank you for everyone who has reached out.  We are into day 3 of Hurricane Harvey.  Most of our city is under water.  Many people have been taken to shelters and safe spots by helicopters or boats and rafts...the rest of us are just patiently waiting at home for this to be over.  The water rises and then recedes, it's like a horrible waiting game because we are anxious, exhausted and prepared for the worst because the water is so unpredictable.  We are all constantly checking on each other, we have made plans in case the water comes up and we are aware of what is happening but we cannot leave our homes because everything around us is flooded.  If the rain stops, you can go outside and look around but God forbid you are out driving because the rain might start up again and you might be stranded in high flood waters.  It is literally hell around here and I cannot even imagine what it is like for those who have lost their homes and cars and everything that they own.  My heart goes out to all of you who have been severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey and just know we are thinking of you and will do whatever it takes to help you recover.


Please take action, don't just pray for us but DONATE - DONATE - DONATE!  This disaster isn't even over, the rain has not stopped, it takes short breaks and then we can hear it start up again.  We are literally stressed and exhausted and feel like this isn't reality but unfortunately it is.  We are just halfway through this and as soon as it stops we are ready to help each other and rebuild!  


Anything helps and if you are a Houstonian and you are able to safetly do so, PLEASE donate goods, clothes, diapers, dog/catfood and just about anything that you think might help to local shelters and recovery organizations.  Volunteers (especially medical personnel are highly in demand at this time but only if you have a SAFE means of transportation).

Feel free to follow me on Twitter for information or I have also been posting a lot via Instagram stories.  Thank you for everyone who has reached out and checked on me, it honestly means the world to me....I love ya'll!



The Mayor of Houston - Sylvestor Turner has started this : Greater Houston Community Foundation

JJ Watts Charity

American Red Cross

United Way

SPCA of Texas

Global Giving

Houston Food Bank

Houston Humane Society

Salvation Army

You can also text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross.

You can also text STORM to 51555 to donate to The Salvation Army.

Covenant House is ready to help Texas youth displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Manready Mercantile which is locally owned will be doing donation drop offs tomorrow, please follow them on IG for more info.

My amazing friend Edgar Woo from Miami (be sure to follow his amazing Instagram) found a reputable relief team that he donated to and wanted to share the link with me, so here it is : Hope City

If you are in Chicago...please contact the lovely Deun Ivory if you would like to help or have items to donate.  Here is the link to her Instagram.

If you are in NYC and you have stuff to donate or want to help out, then you can contact members of the Hive Society.  The 2 people to contact are Meagan and Chas

The Hive Society is a philanthropic organization based in Houston.  If you want to donate items here is the address to send it to: 12806 Clermont Harbor Ct.  Houston, Texas 77045

One of my very favorite photographers from Instagram who is Houston based also has a link in her bio to All Hands Volunteers & here is the link to her Instagram : Tamara Lichtenstein


My Kemah Summer Guide!

My Kemah Summer Guide!

My Kemah summer guide is now up and has some of the hottest locations for you to visit!  Get out and have some fun in the sun while you become a tourist in your own city and enjoy hidden little gems in Kemah and the surrounding area...

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Freaky Friday at the Alley Theatre

You only have a few days left to catch Freaky Friday at the Alley Theatre!  This is a show you do not want to miss....we literally laughed the entire night.  I've seen many shows at the Alley....because I'm a huge theatre fan, but this has by far been one of the best I've ever attended!  I love the original Disney movie so much....and having three teen nieces makes it even funnier because I know how dramatic and emotional teen girls can be.  You would only understand this if you have been a teen girl yourself at some point in time LOL.  Isn't it crazy how we feel that our problems are the center of the universe at that age, and we treat others based on how we are feeling.  Now looking back... I realize that it was such a great moment in time because you have zero adult responsibilities (but don't you dare say that to a teenage girl)!

This play is based on the popular novel by Mary Rodgers, and it was then turned into Disney movie with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis that premiered in 2003.  The story is about an overworked mother who is planning her wedding and her rebellious daughter that is having a really tough time fitting in with her high school peers.  A magical night causes them to switch bodies and they are forced to adapt to each others lives.  It takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions because we see the struggles of each character and the switch makes them better understand each other and their feelings.  I won't give you more details on the actual storyline but the characters in this play are amazing!  From the singing to the dancing, to the jokes and the tears, every single moment has the audience captivated.  This is a musical comedy like no other, because we were literally in tears from laughing so much.  Emma Hunton and Heidi Blickenstaff are extremely talented, and bring these two beautiful characters to life....the energy on stage is contagious and the music and dancing are like no other.  We had such an amazing girls night out at the theatre...thank you again Alley Theatre for this special screening and invitation.  If you haven't checked out the Alley Theatre, please be sure to click on their website link because they have amazing shows all season.  Freaky Friday ends July 2, so hurry up and catch the show!

Social Hour at Le Colonial

Last week my sister Nayeli ( Alphienumeric on Instagram) and I, decided to do social hour at Le Colonial in River Oaks on a beautiful Thursday evening.  If you know how crazy the weather has been in Houston lately, this was one of those days where the sun was actually shining.  It had rained earlier in the day so there was a really nice breeze that evening.  We were excited to try Le Colonial because we both love Vietnamese food, and who doesn't love a great cocktail.  I actually saw pictures of the food and cocktails on HotPinkHouston's Instagram and I couldn't wait to try it.  Be sure you follow her page because she is always trying out new cuisines at the coolest spots in our city.  


We arrived at Le Colonial, and it is just breathtakingly beautiful.  I think everyone that saw my Instagram stories that night, kept asking where I was...because it looks so different from our usual bar/lounge scene.  Le Colonial describes itself as a French-Vietnamese restaurant which vividly recaptures the beauty, spirit & romance of French colonial Southeast Asia.  It is a two story building in the heart of the River Oaks District.  There is an upstairs terrace with lots of plants and little tables line the sidewalk downstairs, giving it a very Parisian look.  As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by a beautiful hostess and everyone is wearing traditional Vietnamese wear in a beautiful dark navy blue color.  It feels like you are walking into a different time era to be honest...I love places that make you feel like you aren't in Houston anymore, and this place does exactly that.  We were lead upstairs to the second floor through a beautiful wooden staircase that was adorned with these marvelous black and white photographs of old Vietnam.  The first floor is actually a formal dining area but  as soon as you go up that last stair it turns into this super cool classy club lounge.  It was so mind-blowing to view two totally different environments within one establishment.

The social lounge has a huge wooden bar and lots of tropical greenery.  I love places that are filled with plants and flowers so I knew this was going to be great.  There are small tables surrounded by beautiful couches that you can lounge on as you socialize with your friends or your date.  The vibe is just so dreamy and romantic because the dim lighting and candles give you an ambient feel.  This place is just poppin with energy and fun hip music, they play a mix of everything so we really enjoyed that.  Everyone in there was having such a good time talking and laughing and enjoying their exotic cocktails without a care in the world.  There is a large private room in the very back with a beautiful mural...I didn't get to capture it but you have to go for yourself and see it.  It is a teal color and has green tropical plants.  That is the first thing that catches your eye as you walk upstairs.  I actually want my next party to be there because it is just so beautiful! 

Anyway, back to the the social hour menu, it has some really amazing choices that all cost $8....I learned from Susanna the lounge manager...that the number 8 is a lucky number in the Vietnamese culture.   Being that my sister and I are not picky eaters, we decided to try a variety of things.  The first thing they did was bring us two glasses of Frosé for us to start our wonderful experience at Le Colonial.  What a perfect summer drink to enjoy in this Houston heat.  We loved the lounge but decided to go outside and enjoy the nice weather and the cool music on the terrace.  I love patio's and terraces, being a Houston native has me pretty accustomed to the climate, so the heat and humidity really don't bother me.  I always opt for outdoor seating when available.  Le Colonial has outdoor seating with these super comfortable couches to sit back on and enjoy the view.  It was truly beautiful to watch the sunset from up there.

The waitress brought out our light bites, we ordered (pictured above): Goi Ga, Goi Cuon and Cha Gio.  They were delicious!  Every bite was cooked to perfection with savory and exotic flavors.  The presentation of the food is exquisite.  I love that the dishes are like art because every tiny detail is an adornment to the entire plate.  Our meal from the dining menu was the traditional Banh Uot that the waitress recommended.  It was my first time having it and I loved every bite of it.

Now for the Exotic Cocktails:  We had Frosé which is a twist on Rosé, and like I said, it is perfect for summertime in Houston.  It is served in beautiful wine glasses that make for super cute pictures!  The next drinks they brought out were the ones in Martini glasses pictured above.  My sister had the Passion which had a sweet and tropical flavor.  It is Belvedere Passion Mango, mixed with Passionfruit and Lime.  I had the Red Buffalo, it was a spicy mix of Thai Chili, Thai Basil and Strawberries with Belvedere Vodka.  My absolute favorite drink was their craft cocktail in a lavender color called La Violette.  I didn't get amazing pictures of it because time wasn't on my side, but it is one of those drinks that you have to try for yourself.  The color, the consistency and the taste was out of this world!

The food, the service and everyone who works there is so amazing!  Shoutout to Susanna for providing us with a wealth of information on Vietnamese cusine, and for being such a wonderful host.  We had such a fabulous experience. I hope you take the time to come by this summer and enjoy a few light bites, a cocktail or two and have a wonderful time in the social lounge.

Le Colonial (here is the link to their Instagram, so you can go follow them)

4444 Westheimer Road

Houston Texas 77027


*Parking is free in the garage but valet is also available.

*Social Hour is from 5-7 Monday - Saturday

*Live Music on Monday nights at 6:30pm