I'm kind of obsessed with Philosophy skin care products these days.  As I've gotten older, I think my skin is changing quite a bit and I definitely have to be more careful about sun exposure.  The biggest thing about good skin care is hydration....water water water.  I drink a lot of water and I think that is the single most important thing that you can do for your skin.  So anyway people always ask me about skin care products or what I use... so now that I have finally developed a good skin care routine, I'll share some of my favorite products with you!

Miracle Worker

  • Anti Aging Moisturizer.  I usually use Hope in a Jar, but I wanted to try something different.  I love that it is loaded with Vitamin C and so I think that was the selling point for me.  I love that it isn't greasy and it isn't a heavy moisturizer.  You can apply it overnight or under your makeup in the day.  I haven't used it long enough to see any big changes, but my skin looks youthful so I will probably continue buying it.

No Reason To Hide

  • Facial Serum.  I love this because it is extremely lightweight and it hides imperfections.  My face can sometimes look red or blotchy after sun exposure, so this product really helps my skin look radiant.  It doesn't take much to cover your skin and it absorbs quickly.  I apply it twice a day.  


  • Daily Facewash.  I love it and a little pea size drop goes a really long way.  It removes foundation makeup and eye makeup extremely well.  I use it daily but I change it up about 2 times a week & I use it with my Clarisonic to remove dirt and oil and clean out my pores.  I also use it to clean my makeup brushes every 2 weeks.