Freaky Friday at the Alley Theatre

You only have a few days left to catch Freaky Friday at the Alley Theatre!  This is a show you do not want to miss....we literally laughed the entire night.  I've seen many shows at the Alley....because I'm a huge theatre fan, but this has by far been one of the best I've ever attended!  I love the original Disney movie so much....and having three teen nieces makes it even funnier because I know how dramatic and emotional teen girls can be.  You would only understand this if you have been a teen girl yourself at some point in time LOL.  Isn't it crazy how we feel that our problems are the center of the universe at that age, and we treat others based on how we are feeling.  Now looking back... I realize that it was such a great moment in time because you have zero adult responsibilities (but don't you dare say that to a teenage girl)!

This play is based on the popular novel by Mary Rodgers, and it was then turned into Disney movie with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis that premiered in 2003.  The story is about an overworked mother who is planning her wedding and her rebellious daughter that is having a really tough time fitting in with her high school peers.  A magical night causes them to switch bodies and they are forced to adapt to each others lives.  It takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions because we see the struggles of each character and the switch makes them better understand each other and their feelings.  I won't give you more details on the actual storyline but the characters in this play are amazing!  From the singing to the dancing, to the jokes and the tears, every single moment has the audience captivated.  This is a musical comedy like no other, because we were literally in tears from laughing so much.  Emma Hunton and Heidi Blickenstaff are extremely talented, and bring these two beautiful characters to life....the energy on stage is contagious and the music and dancing are like no other.  We had such an amazing girls night out at the theatre...thank you again Alley Theatre for this special screening and invitation.  If you haven't checked out the Alley Theatre, please be sure to click on their website link because they have amazing shows all season.  Freaky Friday ends July 2, so hurry up and catch the show!

TBT to the Houston Super Bowl

Superbowl in Houston was amazing!  Our city transformed from a quiet peaceful place to a very bustling place.  I loved every minute of it, because it gave me a different vibe from the usual and it felt Houston really come alive.

Here are a few pictures of the Rolling Stone Party that was held in the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.  It was such a spectacular night with performances by Diplo, DJ Cassidy, Nas and Big Sean.  Budweiser and Mercedes Benz sponsored this event, and the museum was completely transformed into a beautiful nightclub with different areas and a beautiful VIP area with lots of couches and bottle service.  I think one of the coolest things was to be completely surrounded by celebrities that came into town for the Super Bowl.  We also got to do our little walk down the red carpet and pose for the cameras, so that was super exciting too.

I went with part of the Displae It Team, so a big shoutout to them for having me.  Here are some fun pictures from that night.  Hope you all enjoy!



Cozy Sweaters and Messy Hair...

So we have had a pretty warm winter in Houston this year, but some rainy days just make you want to bring out those cozy sweaters.  I am in love with this pink sweater from Forever 21.  I also recently discovered a new favorite nailpolish from Target and it's called Defy & Inspire!  The color I'm wearing is Pinky Promise.  I usually do my own nails so I'm always on the search for beautiful colors that don't easily chip.  I've gotta tell you that it has been 4 days and not a single I'm pretty much in love :)

I hope everyone stays safe out in this rainy weather and hopefully we get a few more days of winter before summertime arrives in the H.

La Condesa in Austin, Texas

I started off my New Year day with brunch at La Condesa in Austin, Texas.  It is such a beautiful restaurant with delicious food and drinks right in the heart of downtown.  The decor is truly amazing...shoutout to the interior design group that they hired because I was in awe.  The place is a piece of art and everywhere you turn, you see these tiny amazing details that piece up together to create an amazing vibe with a modern art feel. 


So I started my day off just right by ordering a delicious Bloody Mary...New Year same me LOL.  I love Bloody Mary's and I like to see how different each place prepares it.  This drink was savory and spicy and delicious.  I was tempted to sample some Mezcal, but I had a really long day ahead of me so I had to pass.  

We shared a Seafood Ceviche for an appetizer and enjoyed the beautiful morning light coming in from the windows.  I fell in love with their beautiful giant fiddle leaf fig tree that I captured in several of my photographs...I'm determined to find that tree for myself because it's one of my favorites.  Anyway we finally decided on our brunch entrees and I decided to try the Huevos Condesa.  It was ahhhhmmmmazzzzinnnnnnnngggggg!  It had roasted chicken, poblano peppers, potatoes and fried needless to say my little Mexican heart was very very happy.  It came with tortillas on the side but I had to pass because it was extremely filling.  

Next time I am in town, I'm surely coming back but I hope I come in for dinner so I can get my Mezcal sampling on and so that I can try different options on the menu.  If you are in Austin, you need to stop by....I highly recommend this wonderful establishment.  Thank you for having us!

Spotlight on my favorite MUA!

So a few weeks ago I got a little chance to model for one of California's hottest makeup artists!  Erika and I became friends on social media before actually meeting...and I was truly impressed because she's just as beautiful in person as she is in all of her photographs (and not to mention her amazing personality).  I was pretty excited when she reached out to me and asked me to be one of her makeup models, and I was actually free that evening so it worked out great.  

Erika is a San Francisco based freelance makeup artist. Erika has experience both on set and behind the scenes at fashion & swimwear shows. She not only has experience working in both makeup & hair but also has a background in fine art which is evident in her flawless beauty looks.  She is also a licensed cosmetologist.  She is making the big move from California to Texas, and will be traveling back and forth.  If you need a MUA in the Houston area, I highly recommend her!  Here is a link to her website.  She has all sorts of different packages and if something is not listed you can contact her to see if she can make it happen.  

I'm going to admit that I'm very picky when I get my makeup done because oftentimes I feel that I look very different and I guess it doesn't feel very natural.  Sometimes I think if you are used to a natural face without makeup, you just feel extremely overdone.  Honestly speaking for photography purposes, it is just perfect.  I feel it is always better to get your makeup done professionally if you are taking important pictures or if you have an important event because you will end up looking flawless!  Someone like Erika who is experienced with the art of makeup will highlight and contour your face to accentuate your features and so when the light hits your face it will truly reflect in a beautiful way.  

Anyway with Erika it was just a whole different experience.  She did my makeup so beautiful, and so natural and I really felt that I looked flawless!  She used gold tones to match my accessories and hair and she really made my eyes stand out, which is my favorite part!  I really wish I could do my makeup like that and in fact I really need to sit there with her this summer and learn from her because she has such amazing skills.  If she hosts any workshops or makeup classes, I will definitely let you all know because I will be the first to sign up.  Erika really takes the art of makeup to another level.  Her background in art is evident because she uses a person's face as her canvas and really enhances the bone structure to create a very flawless and elegant look.

I'm extremely excited to have found such an amazing makeup artist and new friend in Houston, so I'm awaiting her big move to Texas!  I will have lots of future collaborations with her, so be sure to go and follow her on social media.

Snapchat: erika415sa

Instagram: erika_sandoval415