Visit Houston - 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Visit Houston - 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide - Visit Houston

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Petite Sweets

Recently I got the chance to check out Petite Sweets in the River Oaks area and I literally felt like a kid in a candy store.  The place is small but super cute.  There are a few tables inside and a few tables line the outside of the establishment so that you can enjoy this fine Houston weather that's been showing off lately.  You know I love interior design and this place is sleek and simple with white decor and dark brown wooden floors (that really caught my eye).  Anyway getting back to the important part here....ya'll know ICE CREAM is my weakness soooo when Vanessa asked me to join her for an ice cream filled donut sandwich...I could not say no (I was literally clapping my hands when I said that LOL).  

We went on a Sunday afternoon at about 1pm and the place was relatively quiet with just a few customers.  We were greeted by two very friendly employees that gave us plenty of samples of ice cream and answered all these questions we had about the ice cream sandwich.  So apparently people can choose different things like cookies or brownies to create sandwiches.  I am an ice cream aficionado I tell ya...and the ice cream here is not only delicious but it is made locally by Lee's Creamery.  I sampled various flavors including one with goat cheese that was amazing but I ended up choosing the one with glitter and it was purple...and it was insanely delicious (AND IT HAD GLITTER).  I got mermaid sprinkles on my donut sandwich and Vanessa got the galaxy sprinkles on hers.  It was amazing...warm donut bread with sugar and sprinkles mixed with ice cream...like what's not to love?  It was delicious and everything I expected it to be but I can say that it was very messy... so don't you dare order this on a first date or anything like that (just be a simpleton and order a little cup of ice cream and you can thank me later lol).  I cannot wait to go back and try the macarons, the cakes, and just the simple ice cream cone because I feel that is the best way to savor the actual flavor of it.  Moderation is key and although I wish I could go everyday... but I have decided to pace myself and go back every few weeks :)

Be sure to check out Mr. Lee's other fine establishments...I guarantee you will want to add these places to your Houston Bucket List and it will help support local businesses! 

Here are the links and locations!



FlashBack Friday - The Blue Lagoon

Here are a few pictures of The Blue Lagoon!  It's one of my favorite spots in Texas, and not far from Houston at all.  It is located near Huntsville.  Brian and I have gone out there twice and we never feel like we have enough time there.  It is absolutely beautiful and soooo peaceful to spend the day there.  I honestly can't wait to go back this summer ;)

Cheers to summertime, great friends and more exploring!

301 Main Street



This is my favorite building in downtown Houston.  Why?  Because it stands out and I like anything that is different.  The architecture looks like something you would see in Germany or Switzerland.  I've traveled to different areas across Europe but not Germany or Switzerland.  The architecture of the buildings there is what makes it one of my top bucketlist locations to visit.  I just find it very beautiful!  I follow various pages on Instagram who are based in that region but one of my favorites that really inspires me is Johanna from Germany (you can check out her Instagram page here).

After doing a little research I found out that this architecture style is called Eastlake and it is late Victorian.  This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for our city.  They refer to it as the Sweeney, Coombs, and Fredericks Building and it is a 3-story corner turret facing Main Street.  It is right across from the Metrorail and faces the Honeymoon Bar.  It was designed by George E. Dickey in 1889.  The building is one of the few Victorian-style architectural structures that still remains in our modern city.  

It is currently empty and for lease, so if anyone wants to purchase this place for me as my personal studio (or home) feel free to do so ;)  I promise to take very beautiful photographs of you!