My Kemah Summer Guide!

My Kemah Summer Guide!

My Kemah summer guide is now up and has some of the hottest locations for you to visit!  Get out and have some fun in the sun while you become a tourist in your own city and enjoy hidden little gems in Kemah and the surrounding area...

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Freaky Friday at the Alley Theatre

You only have a few days left to catch Freaky Friday at the Alley Theatre!  This is a show you do not want to miss....we literally laughed the entire night.  I've seen many shows at the Alley....because I'm a huge theatre fan, but this has by far been one of the best I've ever attended!  I love the original Disney movie so much....and having three teen nieces makes it even funnier because I know how dramatic and emotional teen girls can be.  You would only understand this if you have been a teen girl yourself at some point in time LOL.  Isn't it crazy how we feel that our problems are the center of the universe at that age, and we treat others based on how we are feeling.  Now looking back... I realize that it was such a great moment in time because you have zero adult responsibilities (but don't you dare say that to a teenage girl)!

This play is based on the popular novel by Mary Rodgers, and it was then turned into Disney movie with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis that premiered in 2003.  The story is about an overworked mother who is planning her wedding and her rebellious daughter that is having a really tough time fitting in with her high school peers.  A magical night causes them to switch bodies and they are forced to adapt to each others lives.  It takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions because we see the struggles of each character and the switch makes them better understand each other and their feelings.  I won't give you more details on the actual storyline but the characters in this play are amazing!  From the singing to the dancing, to the jokes and the tears, every single moment has the audience captivated.  This is a musical comedy like no other, because we were literally in tears from laughing so much.  Emma Hunton and Heidi Blickenstaff are extremely talented, and bring these two beautiful characters to life....the energy on stage is contagious and the music and dancing are like no other.  We had such an amazing girls night out at the theatre...thank you again Alley Theatre for this special screening and invitation.  If you haven't checked out the Alley Theatre, please be sure to click on their website link because they have amazing shows all season.  Freaky Friday ends July 2, so hurry up and catch the show!

301 Main Street



This is my favorite building in downtown Houston.  Why?  Because it stands out and I like anything that is different.  The architecture looks like something you would see in Germany or Switzerland.  I've traveled to different areas across Europe but not Germany or Switzerland.  The architecture of the buildings there is what makes it one of my top bucketlist locations to visit.  I just find it very beautiful!  I follow various pages on Instagram who are based in that region but one of my favorites that really inspires me is Johanna from Germany (you can check out her Instagram page here).

After doing a little research I found out that this architecture style is called Eastlake and it is late Victorian.  This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for our city.  They refer to it as the Sweeney, Coombs, and Fredericks Building and it is a 3-story corner turret facing Main Street.  It is right across from the Metrorail and faces the Honeymoon Bar.  It was designed by George E. Dickey in 1889.  The building is one of the few Victorian-style architectural structures that still remains in our modern city.  

It is currently empty and for lease, so if anyone wants to purchase this place for me as my personal studio (or home) feel free to do so ;)  I promise to take very beautiful photographs of you!