Lentil Soup Recipe



I love cooking lentil soup and everytime I cook it, I always change it up and add different things but this is one of my favorite recipes.  It's super easy and fast, and a great way for you or your kids to get your veggies in.  I'm a big fan of lentils because they are high in fiber and folic acid.  They are also full of complex carbs that stabilize your blood sugar and keep you full for a really long while.  They are very high in protein and overall provide us with a great source of minerals like zinc and magnesium.  Okay so enough nerdy health info and just remember that I'm not a an actual food blogger so I'm not very precise on measurements, but add what you think is best for your tastebuds.

 My soup turned out to be a little spicy ;) but that's how I like my food.  I wanted it to be vegetarian, but I love frying the lentils for a bit with sausage and garlic because that gives it the most amazing flavor.  I don't really eat pork, but bacon would be another great option for it (if you don't have sausage, and I used beef sausage).  I've tried cooking with turkey sausage and turkey bacon, but I'm not a big fan of it...but feel free to substitute it.  Anyway I try to keep my carb intake very low during the week, but another thing I wanted to throw in there were some red potatoes, so feel free to add it to your lentil soup if you aren't watching your waistline lol!  I love this soup during the cold weather because I always crave warm food.  


beef cajun sausage (chopped up 2 links)

1 can of red roasted tomatoes

few pieces of garlic

1 can of tomato sauce

half a bag of lentils

1 chopped zucchinni

1 can of corn

dash of pepper

dash of cayenne pepper

dash of salt

fresh spinach leaves

fresh basil to top it with

1.  Throw your chopped up sausage links on a pan and fry for a little bit.  No need to add oil or anything because beef sausage releases some.  I also add the garlic and just let them simmer.

2.  Have your lentils washed and ready to go and throw in the saucepan.  Let them fry for a bit with the other ingredients I just mentioned.  I probably did this for about 7 mins total....but I was constantly watching it and mixing it so it doesn't burn.  I also sprinkled cayenne pepper and pepper over them.

3.  Add the can of red roasted tomatoes to the mix and continue mixing.

4.  Add your chopped up zucchini (and potatoes and carrots or anything else you feel like adding)

5.  I let everything cook for about 30-45 minutes and at the very end I added the spinach in there so it could remain a little fresh and not wilt as much.

6.  When everything is ready and cooled and ready to eat, I topped it with fresh basil leaves because I love the taste and mainly because of the amazing health benefits of this herb.



Hope you enjoy ;)