Robard's Reimagined - A night at Robard's Steakhouse!

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful chance to experience the amazing and delightful flavors of Robard's Steakhouse located in the heart of the The Woodlands Resort.  Robard's is such a beautiful establishment with a mix of vintage luxury decor and a beautiful modern twist.  I hardly ever go out to The Woodlands but I was excited to attend this event.


Robard's Steakhouse has quite a bit of history with Howard Robard Hughes who is an icon in Texas history.  I find it so cool that as I'm reading an Elizabeth Taylor biography I see his name come up, so I'm even more intrigued by this character but I honestly don't know much about him.  We arrived at this amazing dinner party and it was exciting to see such a creative and well thought out narrative to introduce Mr. Howard Robard Hughes.  Before dinner was served we had a brief introduction on Mr. Hughes and then out of nowhere a plane delivered Mr. Robard himself into the crowd before the dinner party actually started. 

"Howard Hughes was an innovative, authentic and eccentric leader.  I wanted the philosophy of the foods and the atmosphere we serve it in to relfect his character" Chef Morris says about the inspiration for the new menu.  Chef David Morris is a culinary veteran with more than 15 years of experience and he is the mastermind behind the delectable dishes at Robard's Steakhouse.



The restaurant has several traditional dining areas inside and a beautiful blue indigo bar that serves some amazing cocktails.  It has a big outdoor dining area that overlooks the golf course and lake.  If the weather is nice then this is the perfect place to dine outside under one of the beautiful pergolas and if you are lucky you might even catch a sunset.  We found a spot out on the patio with a very comfortable swing that made our night even more memorable and charming.


They had all sorts of dishes and desserts for us to try at this event and the waitstaff was remarkable!  They kept coming around and offering us more drinks and food because they wanted us to experience this to the full potential.  It was really awesome to try all sorts of wonderful dishes on the menu.  Every dish that we had was truly amazing it was remarkably presented in a very beautiful and artistic way!

We shared our seating area with several other guests and it was so nice to mix and mingle and meet others.  We all spoke about how we got invited and some of the people were regular guests that had been before.  They also had an amazing Jazz band that played beautiful music as we mingled and ate dinner.

We had such an amazing experience at Robard's and cannot wait to return!  There was an amazing dessert bar and I tried a chocolate rum cake that I'm still dreaming about until now!  I hope you enjoy these wonderful pictures from our evening there and if you are ever in the Woodlands then please remember to try this wonderful place and I hope you love it as much as I did!