Frida Kahlo Mural

This year I want to focus more on the art in our community.  I've been involved with the Houston art scene for many years and I'm very fortunate to know a lot of these great artists and call them friends and colleagues.  I want everyone to remember that you must always credit and tag them on Instagram photos and on anything that you may decide to use this for.  I realize that it is public art but please appreciate the hard work and labor that these amazing artist's put into this artwork (same goes with any photographer's pictures that you decide to use or post online).

Many people keep asking me the location of the beautiful purple Frida Kahlo mural here in Houston that I photographed last year and I have decided to post the exact location so that you can go and get pictures too.  The mural was made by Mexican Artist Silvia Roman.  She is the mother of a very well-known local artist who goes by the name of DonkeeBoy so Mrs. Roman is now DonkeeMom (click on their names so that you can see their Instagram pages). 


If you head over to her Instagram gallery you will see that she creates a variety of Mexican art.  She is well known for recreating our beloved Frida in many art forms.  Hopefully I can come by her studio in 2018 and show you a little more of her work.  So here is the address to the mural and remember to tag her in the photos that you post.

Your best option would be to google map the Memorial Hermann Imaging Center because it is in the parking lot of that building.  *Here's a little secret... Donkeeboy's Pacasso mural is there too and if you want to order prints or anything online just visit the link above!

1635 N Loop W, Houston, TX 77008