Cheers to 2018!

Happy New Year to whoever is reading this!

I feel like I'm finally starting my New Year!  We are well into the second week of January but things have been pretty hectic around here!  Unfortunately I came down with the flu (apparently flu season is terrible this year so be sure to wash your hands and run away from any sick person you encounter and it's a and recovery is all that you can do). 

I had lots of travels these past few months and a few personal things to catch up on.  One of my biggest lessons from 2017 was to not take on more than I could handle so I have decided to take a step back and do a bit less because this blogging life can be a bit overwhelming at times.  This is not my full time job, I have a real career and I do work (people always seem to think that I just travel and play LOL, but no....I'm extremely hard working and do a bit too much at times.  

I will continue to post regularly on Instagram, but I want it to be a bit more meaningful.  I have a very mixed following because I started off as a photographer but then crossed over into the blogging world.  I love the app because it has given me amazing opportunities and I've met some really amazing people through it but lately I really dislike the algorithm.  That has lead me to post more (here) on my website...if you haven't subscribed, be sure that you do :) or just bookmark me so you can keep up with my adventures!

I hope that 2018 brings each and everyone of you amazing things!  I hope that this is the year where you push yourself to do things you have never done before and step outside of that comfort zone.  It might be booking that vacation that you have always dreamed of, or telling the person you have a crush on that you want a chance to be with them or it might be a new business venture...whatever it is I hope that you go for it! 

Anyway...I won't get into details about my resolutions or goals, but just know that I'm a still a work in progress just like everyone else.  I just want to talk to you about my focus for this year.  I really want to use social media and the internet and my time online more wisely.  I want less distractions and a bit more focus on things that inspire me.  I want to spend my time with people that are important to me and I want to build meaningful relationships and connections with those that I encounter. 

I will explore new places, I will find new music, new artists and new art so that in return I can create meaningful work to share with you all!