UPDATE: August 30, 2017.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOUSTON!  Today in 1836, Houston was born!

The sun is finally out and we couldn't be happier.  I will be adding reputable organizations to donate to (on the list below) so feel free to check back for regular updates.  If you are in another city and want to donate goods...feel free to email me at leylamoonphotography@gmail.com so I can get you connected with the right people! We thank ya'll from the bottom of our hearts.


Thank you for everyone who has reached out.  We are into day 3 of Hurricane Harvey.  Most of our city is under water.  Many people have been taken to shelters and safe spots by helicopters or boats and rafts...the rest of us are just patiently waiting at home for this to be over.  The water rises and then recedes, it's like a horrible waiting game because we are anxious, exhausted and prepared for the worst because the water is so unpredictable.  We are all constantly checking on each other, we have made plans in case the water comes up and we are aware of what is happening but we cannot leave our homes because everything around us is flooded.  If the rain stops, you can go outside and look around but God forbid you are out driving because the rain might start up again and you might be stranded in high flood waters.  It is literally hell around here and I cannot even imagine what it is like for those who have lost their homes and cars and everything that they own.  My heart goes out to all of you who have been severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey and just know we are thinking of you and will do whatever it takes to help you recover.


Please take action, don't just pray for us but DONATE - DONATE - DONATE!  This disaster isn't even over, the rain has not stopped, it takes short breaks and then we can hear it start up again.  We are literally stressed and exhausted and feel like this isn't reality but unfortunately it is.  We are just halfway through this and as soon as it stops we are ready to help each other and rebuild!  


Anything helps and if you are a Houstonian and you are able to safetly do so, PLEASE donate goods, clothes, diapers, dog/catfood and just about anything that you think might help to local shelters and recovery organizations.  Volunteers (especially medical personnel are highly in demand at this time but only if you have a SAFE means of transportation).

Feel free to follow me on Twitter for information or I have also been posting a lot via Instagram stories.  Thank you for everyone who has reached out and checked on me, it honestly means the world to me....I love ya'll!



The Mayor of Houston - Sylvestor Turner has started this : Greater Houston Community Foundation

JJ Watts Charity

American Red Cross

United Way

SPCA of Texas

Global Giving

Houston Food Bank

Houston Humane Society

Salvation Army

You can also text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross.

You can also text STORM to 51555 to donate to The Salvation Army.

Covenant House is ready to help Texas youth displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Manready Mercantile which is locally owned will be doing donation drop offs tomorrow, please follow them on IG for more info.

My amazing friend Edgar Woo from Miami (be sure to follow his amazing Instagram) found a reputable relief team that he donated to and wanted to share the link with me, so here it is : Hope City

If you are in Chicago...please contact the lovely Deun Ivory if you would like to help or have items to donate.  Here is the link to her Instagram.

If you are in NYC and you have stuff to donate or want to help out, then you can contact members of the Hive Society.  The 2 people to contact are Meagan and Chas

The Hive Society is a philanthropic organization based in Houston.  If you want to donate items here is the address to send it to: 12806 Clermont Harbor Ct.  Houston, Texas 77045

One of my very favorite photographers from Instagram who is Houston based also has a link in her bio to All Hands Volunteers & here is the link to her Instagram : Tamara Lichtenstein