My Kemah Summer Guide!

So as you can see by my Instagram....I spend a majority of my time out by the water!  I'm a major city girl...raised right in the heart of Houston, Texas (SE babyyyy)!  As much as I love the hustle and bustle of the big city....spending time by the Kemah Bay is always a great way for me to wind down.  I like to catch sunrises or sunsets out there and I love trying out new restaurants and pubs in that area.  Almost everyone knows about the Kemah Boardwalk and Nasa Space Center, which are huge tourist attractions in the area but I love hole in the wall type of spots and discovering little gems that the local's really love.  I have finally created a little guide to my favorite spots in Kemah, Seabrook and the surrounding area which includes a little bit of Clearlake.

 Feel free to click on the links and go out this summer and be a tourist in your own city!

Tookie's Burgers - 

Do you want an amazing, delicious, homemade style hamburger?  You need to head over to Tookie's Burgers!  This place is amazing...the burgers are huge and I nearly finish mine every single time I go (terrible...I know but it's just so delicious that I can't help it LOL).  I think it is my favorite spot for burgers and to have a beer and some great conversation.  They have a cute little patio with a big oak tree you can sit under...but for those of you that can't handle the Texas heat then you can move on inside the cute little 70's diner type establishment.  The burgers are cooked to perfection, the fries and onion rings are huge and I still have yet to taste one of their famous milkshakes...anyway they now have a Tookie's Seafood and everyone raves about how amazing it is so that is next on my bucketlist!

Jackie's Brickhouse -

This is one of my favorite bars/pubs in the area.  They have live music on most nights and a great variety of food: from gumbo to pizza and even some amazing crawfish during crawfish season.  The establishment is pretty family friendly with all types of games and several sitting areas.  The place is huge, it has plenty of parking and we hold a lot of our family reunion/dinners there for that very reason.  I really love the outdoor palapa bar and the fact that you can find a great variety of beer (for you beer aficionado's).  I think my favorite part about this place is getting a table with a dance floor view because when the band comes on, I guarantee you will catch a few Texans out there 2 steppin and showing off their amazing dance moves!  I love people watching, so this is one of my favorite spots to sit back, have a beer and eat my dinner while enjoying the show (check out their website for specials and events).

Chelsea Wine Bar-

I love this has a beautiful view of Clearlake and you can catch some amazing sunsets overlooking the water.  Such a romantic spot for date night, but also a great place for catching up with friends on the beautiful patios (I recommend the second floor patio to get a better view of the water).  I love the inside of this establishment as's a dark, creaky old house with a staircase that leads you to another sitting area and an outdoor patio.  It has various sitting areas and a beautiful wooden bar with every single wine you can possibly think of.  Ladies...listen up because on Thursday's they have $1 Sangria or $5 pitchers of the delicious Sangria for us!  They have fruit and cheese platters to pair up with your wines or you can even order some delicious panini's or fresh salads off the menu.  Check out the website because you can find all sorts of weekly specials and events!

Boondoggles Pub-

If you are in the mood for homemade pizza made in a huge wood-burning oven, then head next door to Boondoggles (literally next to Chelsea Wine Bar)!  It is an old pub with a cute outdoor patio and plenty of seating indoors.  There is a large selection of beer and so many different pizza's to try.  One of my favorite's is the Jambalaya pizza...which has crawifsh, shrimp, sausage and a delicious creole sauce.  The ceviche appetizer is amazing and you can't beat the view of Clearlake at sunset.  Be sure to check this place out if you are in the Clearlake area!

Seabrook Waffle Company

This place is such a little gem!  It is in the heart of Seabrook and I came upon it by accident one day as I was driving by.  It looked adorable because you get to sit outside under a big tree and I just love patio dining so I had to come back.  I am so glad I did because you haven't tasted delicious waffles until you try this place.  You can order all sorts of delicious options to top your waffle with.  I feel like this place is for a blog post all by itself, and I can't wait to go back and capture some cute pictures of all of the amazing things they offered.  If you are in the area be sure to stop by for some iced coffee and delicious waffles.  The service is amazing, the food is delicious and it is closed on Sundays but you can catch them any other day of the week!

Places to catch the sunrise or sunset in the area:

  • Boondoggles/Chelsea Wine Bar- it has plenty of kayaks and boats and a ramp that overlooks ClearLake.  Such a relaxing way to spend the evening and watch the sun set over the water.

  • Kemah Boardwalk at sunrise is one of the most peaceful places to watch the fishermen and boats in the morning.  

  • Clearlake Park on Nasa Pkway (3 miles away from Nasa Space Center).  It has a park and a boat ramp on the opposite side of Nasa Parkway.  The park is perfect for families with plenty of play areas and a splash pad.  The boat ramp is perfect to watch people on their boats and the jet ski's in the area.  Lots of kayakers and it is one of the most beautiful places to catch a sunset because you have a complete view of the lake.

  • Hilton Houston Nasa Clear Lake- this hotel has such a lovely view of the marina.  If you ever stay here request a room overlooking the water.  The pool has a beautiful lake view and at sunset it is truly beautiful.  I love staying here for staycations because it allows you to explore the Clearlake and Kemah area all at once.  I will have a future blog post with more information on this so please stay tuned.