Presidio HTX

I was exploring the Heights with Vanessa last week (you can follow her super cute Instagram here)  and we stumbled upon Presidio.  Just the name alone was enough to catch our attention but as soon as we saw the pictures on Yelp....we were instantly sold on where to dine for the evening.

We went on a Thursday night at around 7:30pm and as we walked up to this place, I instantly knew it was going to be good.  The inside and outside decor of this establishment is on point.  I'm big on organic food and everyone knows that I love plants, well Presidio has its own little herb garden in the cute is that?!?!  The front patio has cute tables for regular seated dining and inside there is a full bar and a bigger dining area.  The ambiance of this place is like no other, the lights and chandeliers really give it a soft romantic feel in the evening...perfect for date night or a fun girls night out. 

We had a 45 minute wait so we decided to head over to the bar and check out the rest of the place.  The bartender gave us an extensive wine and beer list and another menu for craft cocktails.  Vanessa opted for the The Reba and I went for my all time favorite which is an Old Fashioned.  Let me tell you...these drinks did not disappoint!  Vanessa's drink was like drinking Mexican was a perfect pink color and it even had a little bit of tajin like chile on the rim. was delicious!  My drink was strong and tasteful...exactly how an Old Fashioned should be.

We waited way less than 45 minutes and before we knew it our table was ready!   Everything on the menu was very different and unique, ranging from hot wings to taco fries to burgers and oysters.  There is a vast array of foods on that menu, so there is literally something for everyone....but the coolest part is that everything is prepared with a unique twist.  We were so hungry and everything on that menu (those taco fries above all) caught our eye.  I was pretty simple and chose the burger and fries and Vanessa chose the grilled cheese sandwich that came with a fresh side of greens.  Well...let me tell you...this was not your average burger and fries....the meat was cooked to perfection and the taste was like no other!  The portion was huge and I couldn't get pictures of the food but that burger was one of the best I've had in Houston.  Since the lighting was dim and I couldn't get pictures of my just gives me plenty of reasons to go back for more (mind you....I already you can tell in the pictures up above and the taco fries did not disappoint) !

The beautiful indoor bar connects to the back is perfect for summer nights in Houston.  It has lots of wooden picnic tables and hanging lights that give it a beautiful look.  On some nights they even have a live band which is super cool and different from your normal dining establishment.  The entrance has old newspaper clippings from the Houston Press that are used as wallpaper.  On the opposite wall it has the name of the restaurant in beautiful red letters.  The restroom has this lovely pattern on the tile floor that makes it really cute for pictures (I posted a pic on my Instagram) and a large back wall made of different wood pieces.  I love the design and decor of this place,  I'm such a lover of tiny details and everywhere that I turned I saw something unique and beautiful.  If you need a hot date spot, a fun night out with your friends or a reason to eat absolutely delicious food...then don't even think twice...and head over to Presidio in the Heights.