Happy Holidays!

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us?  I cannot believe how fast 2017 flew by! 

This year really gave me a new outlook on life.  I took a break from real life and simply created art and enjoyed being under the radar.  I didn't plan to take a year off from "real life" but I'm so glad that I did and that I got to experience such freedom.  I decluttered my space, I gave it a new look and I almost moved into a new place, but my plans fell through...but I'm a big believer in everything happening for a reason.  Then Hurricane Harvey happened in Houston and again it was a time that made me question a lot of things in life.  I not only minimized my belongings but I also purged a lot of unnecessary things (and people) that I found that didn't add value to my life.  It is so necessary to detox everything around us once in a while, and just focus on what really makes you happy.  I spent a lot of 2017 without a camera and I think it's funny how things end up working out completely different than how we plan them. 

Lately I'm just really learning to live in the moment.  I feel like I need to stop over analyzing things and not plan as much and just live!  I love social media but I want to take some time off.  I will still post and create because that is what drives me and gives me mental peace.  Creating is such a beautiful thing but it can be exhausting.  If you notice less likes on my part, just know that I'll be looking at my feed less and living more.  Anyway...in just 6 weeks we get to start 2018 and I'm really excited for that.  I just want to thank you for following me and giving me a chance to show you the world through my eyes and for following the bits and pieces of my life!

I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season.  I hope you do things you love, I hope you find something that inspires you and that spend time with the people that matter and that honestly love you.  I hope you give yourself a brand new chance to start all over in 2018!  

Cheers to new beginnings!

-Leyla Moon