Superbowl 51 Madness

Is everyone ready for the SuperBowl Madness that will take place next week?

 It still feels a little surreal that all of this is taking place in our city.  What a time to be alive and witness a little bit of history in the making for Houston.  It has been a decade since we held this event in our city and Houston has gone through an extreme makeover.  

I'm extremely proud of our city, the amazing architecture we have and the beauty of downtown is definitely unbeatable.  We might not have scenic nature like other cities, but our man-made parks and greenery and trails and bridges really make us stand out.  Not to mention the amazing attitude of almost every Houstonian you meet...LOL and not just because I'm born and raised here but we are by far some of the most welcoming people I've ever met and that is what truly makes our city so great!  

Houston has so many great and amazing places for you to stay at, so many amazing venues and restaurants and I'm glad that all of this attention is putting us on the map so the world can finally see what our amazing city has to offer!  If you are in from out of town and need some info, don't hesitate to email me at!

Stay tuned for many events and collaborations that will take place on my blog and on my Instagram!  I'm excited to show you some pretty amazing events that will take place next week.  I hope everyone has a blast and be safe out there!