So a few Sunday's ago my friend Anthony and I decided to choose a spot for Houston Restaurant Week because we have this little tradition of going every year!  We meet up for lunch and dinner pretty often but we wanted to try a cool new place that we both hadn't been to.  I saw Indika on the list and it immediately caught my eye, and then I proceeded to my usual routine which is to go lurk on Yelp.  The Yelp reviews really had me sold, the establishment and the service sounded perfect.  We both love trying new food and thought it would be really exciting to explore a little taste of India.

We decided to meet for Sunday brunch and it was raining but the valet guy quickly took my car.  It is located in the Montrose neighborhood in Houston on Westheimer street.  I entered through the big beautiful wooden doors, and I'm a person for detail so that intricate design really caught my eye.  As you enter the establishment, you see a beautiful chandelier and drapes that go around and decorate the high ceilings.  I love the space and the massive windows that face out onto the patio.  The decor is swanky and makes you feel like you have just stepped into a foreign faraway land.  The hostess was very attentive and immediately offered me a seat at the bar while I waited for them to clear a table.  It was bright and sunny during brunch, but I can't even imagine how cool the ambiance during dinner time is (yes it is perfect for date night).

We ordered our drinks and looked over the menu and I honestly didn't know much about it.  I'm not very familiar with Indian cuisine but I know the basics like naan and chicken tandoori and tikka masala.  Anyway, I'm not one to shy away from the unknown, so I figured this was an excellent chance to learn a little bit more and explore tastes of India.  Our drinks arrived and the pineapple jaljerra was like an explosion in your mouth!  It has black cumin, fresh pineapple, tequila and lime...just the perfect mix for my Mexican tastebuds!  The madras mojito was equally delightful and the glass is rimmed with chili and salt.  It is such an exotic flavorful drink, and I imagine that every cocktail they prepare is pretty much amazing.

The waitress told us a bit more about the menu and they also brought out green onion naan with yogurt to start off with.  It was crunchy and delicious, and we got to look at our menu's a little longer since we were really trying to choose things we had never had before.  We finally decided on the first course and I ordered the lamb keema samosas with yogurt.  They were delicious and warm and fluffy and the yogurt was a little tangy so it was the perfect mix to complement each other.  Anthony had the grilled zucchini with shrimp katakat and that was sooooo delicious!  I think it was one of our favorite things on the menu.  We made excellent choices and were so impressed with the flavor.  For our second courses we chose the chicken and egg vindaloo, the crepes, the fish kofta curry and the mustard potato curry.  I could go on and on about each item, but let me tell must come out and try it for yourself!  For our final course we went with the chocolate peanut butter chili cookies that were warm and soft but I didn't taste a hint of the chili at all.  The rose cake parfait was almost like icecream, very sweet but very delectable.

We loved the exceptional service and the exquisite food.  I guarantee you that we both will be coming back for more!  I'm even thinking of having my birthday dinner there...or maybe a lunch because the patio area is too cute to pass up!  I absolutely loved the ambiance and overall the great service of this establishment!  Thank you HRW and Indika for making this such an awesome experience and it all went to a great cause!