Recreating Frida Kahlo

I am a huge Frida Kahlo lover,  and I think I first became obsessed with her story way back in elementary school art class, before she was mainstream and cool.  I always thought she was fierce and somewhat eccentric.  I love eccentric people because they aren't afraid of being who they are...and they might be extremely different from the norm or what society dictates as the norm but they live in their own free will and that is extremely inspiring and beautiful.

A woman who's confident and unapologetic, now that's sexy.  Her rebellious nature, as you can imagine, was unorthodox for her time. She ran by her own rules and no one else's. There was a period in her youth when she would dress as man.  Frida's features were very masculine and she had a unibrow and hair on her upper lip that she owned and emphasized in her paintings.  She was the original queen of selfies if you think about it, because her artwork always depicted herself.  She was open about her numerous affairs with other women; she hid nothing.  At a time when support for democracy became the global agenda Frida took the more controversial and infamous route and chose communism.  She had a long dysfunctional love affair with fellow Mexican artist Diego Rivera, and that is a novel all in itself.


I really wanted to recreate Frida Kahlo for a while now and Erika was the perfect model for I asked her and she said yes!  Just like Frida Kahlo, Erika is also an artist and if you follow her on Snapchat or Instagram, you might have noticed that she paints beautiful pictures in her spare time.  The funny thing is that when I first clicked on her Instagram gallery, her Frida painting is what caught my eye!


So it was perfect that I captured her in this way.  It was a collaboration of ideas between 3 of us (Erika Yasmin, Erica Michel and myself)  I captured the moment and looked for an area with walls of vibrant colors and gardens or greenery.  I drove around Montrose and found a neighborhood with exactly what I envisioned.  Erika Yasmin did her own makeup and chose the beautiful flowers for her hair.  Erika Michel put together some amazing outfits and created a beautiful braided hairstyle on her!  It was exciting to exchange ideas and see it all come to life.  It was also a cultural thing for us because we are all of Mexican descent and Frida is such an iconic and inspirational Mexican woman.  

I'm really excited to continue working with them as a team because we love to collaborate on ideas and bring our visions to life.  We all have full time jobs and are extremely busy but we love this and make time for it!  If you want a photosession or would like to work with us please feel free to contact me and we can set something up and recreate your dream!

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and be sure to check them out on my Instagram gallery.