Houston Restaurant Weeks 2016

Houston Restaurant Weeks 2016 has arrived and it runs through September 5, 2016.  You literally have less than a week to make some reservations and go out there and let your palate do some tasting!  

There are so many options to explore for brunch, lunch or dinner!  The prices are pretty much set between $20-$45.  It all depends on the location you decide to visit and the time of day that you make your reservation for.  Visit the HRW list of menu's for more info!  Some of the restaurants require reservations and it is always better to call beforehand because things can get a little busy for the participating restaurants on the list.

Houston is such a large city with so many different cultures.  I love the fact that we have so many different options and I'm always up for trying a new dish .  I try to explore at least 5 new options during HRW and here are the choices I made in no particular order.

1.  District 7 Grill

2.  Indika

3.  Brenner's on the Bayou

4.  Quattro in the Four Seasons Hotel

5.  Sullvian's Steakhouse of Houston

I will come back with my reviews and experience on each place and don't forget to follow my snapchat: leyla_moon!