Explore New Orleans

So NOLA was truly amazing!!!!!!  I'm so in love with that city and I try to get out there at least once a year.  Our trip was nearly cancelled due to the monsoon Houston was under.  Joss and I had already decided that we wouldn't make the drive out there because it wasn't safe but we are both pretty spontaneous and go along with each others crazy antics so there you have it....we simply said FCK IT and packed up our stuff in 10 minutes and headed out in the rain!  The drive was pretty crazy but as soon as we started approaching New Orleans, the sun came out!  I don't think I've ever been so happy to see sunlight LOL.

We stayed at this amazing B&B in the garden district!  It was literally across from the trolley stop so it made everything super accessible.  I don't think I could have chosen a better place....because we felt like we got the best of both worlds (the French Quarter and The Garden District).  This place was sooooo awesome for lounging and it felt like being in a cozy home!  We fell in love with the beautiful colors of the building and the amazing home cooked meals they serve for breakfast.  Everyone knows I'm obsessed with greenery, well this place had the prettiest plants and little fountains and lots of cool niches for relaxing and laying out with a good book.

So here are a few of my favorite places for you to check out when you are in New Orleans


Port of Call - the best hamburger I've ever had....and no to mention that amazing Monsoon that I drank.  (shoutout to John for the recommendation)

Yo Mama's Bar and Grill- my favorite place to get some authentic gumbo!

Le Bayou- I have to go every time I visit!  My favorite place hands down....I love sitting on the terrace overlooking Bourbon Street and just taking in that view while eating delicious food.

Cafe Du Monde-  because it is a must when you are in New Orleans....coffee and beignets give me life!

Mother's Restaurant- some of the best food I've had is at Mother's.  The line moves quickly and you get an amazing meal....lots of options to choose from.



We went into sooooo many that I lost count, but these are some of my faves that I always visit!

Cats Meow

Lafittes Blacksmith Bar

Carousel Bar

Tropical Isle- grenades!

Hotel Monteleone

Rendezvous Tavern on Magazine Street