Dettagli Di Moda

I love dainty handmade jewelry!  I really enjoy accessorizing my outfits with unique pieces that stand out.  I love pieces that I can wear daily with all sorts of styles.  Everyone knows I'm slightly obsessed with Khamsas (the Arabic hand which is also called the hand of Fatima) and Eyes.  So I was really excited when Dettagli Di Moda contacted me to collaborate.

She is an Italian jewelry maker who resides in Sicily.  She contacted me via Instagram and asked if I would photograph her jewelry.  As I clicked on her instagallery I automatically fell in love with her beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry!  I knew that it would be the perfect match for my summer boho style.  She has a variety of gold and silver pieces so you have an infinite amount of designs and colors to choose from.

I decided to visit her website and I chose several pieces in gold because I love how it stands out against my skin tone.  She immediately shipped them over to me and I think I received them in a little over a week.  They arrived in these tiny cute foil packages.  I was really excited to see all of the different styles and how beautiful her work is.  I was really impressed with the detail of each piece.

She sent me various pieces.  I think the bracelet with a seashell is by far my favorite.  I spend a lot of time by the beach so I think that piece just really matches my vibe.  The turquoise stones and seashell are the perfect accessory for summer and I can't wait to wear this piece with a beautiful summer dress.  I am also absolutely in love with my new gold Khamsa necklace.  I had really been looking for the perfect one, and I have finally found it!  This one is very intricate with lots of detail.  You will see me wear these unique pieces over and over this summer so remember to catch me on my snapchat: leyla_moon and on my Instagram!

Go visit Dettagli Di Moda and choose your favorite pieces and remember to use the code LEYLAMOON25 at checkout to get your discount!  I hope that you enjoy your beautiful handmade pieces as much as I'm enjoying mine!