Photographer Rant

Photoshoots are always soooooo much fun!  I love the creativity and the whole process of choosing a theme, a location, a model and then the clothes and makeup and the props that are used.  For anyone that has shot with me they already know that my shoots are really spontaneous and spur of the moment.  I don't shoot in a studio, I don't use fancy equipment and I don't really know what I'm doing!  If the weather cooperates with me, I can get some really amazing stuff and I use natural lighting.  I've always been focused on nature and our Earth and the beauty of it, and lately I've just been adding a pretty girl into that whole scene....and we are coming up with some really amazing stuff.  I find it very difficult to shoot in Houston....we don't have blue water at our beach and our scenery is somewhat flat.  I give major props to Houston photographers because its not easy....we definitely have to EXPLORE our city to find beauty and to show the audience how beautiful and unique Houston really is.  I find that in other places like Miami and seems a lot easier because of the natural backdrops from the city....perhaps I feel that way because I'm a tourist.  Either way....I think we are putting Houston on the map and showing how amazing and diverse our city is through our photographs.