My Magical Camera

Everyone keeps asking what I shoot with and it is the Fuji XT1 Mirrorless camera! I'm using the standard lens it came with and I hope to upgrade but I haven't yet.  I used to have a Canon Rebel T2i and I loved it but the DSLR's are huge.  I'm a girl....I do not like lugging around a big heavy camera!  I like the fact that I can throw the Fuji in my purse and go.  I don't even have to carry a camera case, because who wants to ruin a great outfit with some big camera case? NOT I! Anyway I love the size of the Fuji, I love the optimal quality of the photographs it produces and I wish I would've gotten the vintage model but I was leaving to New York that week and I needed a camera STAT!  So I got the black model and its sleek and beautiful and sexy its my baby! I'm seriously in love.  I gotta thank my dear friend Jesus (follow him on instagram: ijesus_12) for doing the research on this camera and telling me great info on the camera before I purchased it!  I'm extremely happy with it...and I still have so much to learn because it has so many cool options.  One of my favorite things about it is the double exposure setting, how cool is that? I love playing with it and learning new techniques and I need to do more online reading because I always think its best to learn about your equipment so that you can produce better photographs.  I also have my go to guy Jesus who also owns the cool vintage version of it so if I ever need help...he's the man to talk to!  Sometimes I do shoot with my  Iphone6 because some shots are just always better with an iPhone.  Here is a shot of my sexy baby and I hope that is enough information on the stuff I shoot with because everyone keeps asking me what I shoot with.....but remember at the end of the day it doesn't matter what camera you use, its the photographer and the vision who create the picture.  A camera is just a tool for capturing light, yes the fancy cameras capture it a lot better but you can do well with what you have until you have the money to get what you really want LOL.

"It's the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument."