Mini Murals in Houston

I have really been neglecting my blog! I promise to make an effort and actually find time to blog more often! I actually have been so busy with life and its all soooo blogworthy LOL! Anyway I'm back in school to get another license in Radiology and that's been taking up a lot of my time.  A lot of you keep asking if I do photography full-time and the answer is NO!  I kind of wish I did photography full time but then it would be a job...and I wouldn't get to express my creativity as much as I do now. It would be amazing though to have a job that you are so passionate about but for now my real job is in the medical field.  Houston is one of the greatest cities for medicine and is one of the most advanced medical centers in the world!  I'm extremely grateful for my might not be as entertaining and as fun as other jobs but the fact that you get to help people and save lives....well I don't thing it can get better than that...its actually pretty rewarding.  Oh and the fact that I get to wear scrubs everyday and tennis shoes....whats not to love right?  Anyway I work full time and go to school full time and life has been really hectic & keeping me extremely busy but I will keep up with this a bit more starting this month!  Well I must run now....I'm meeting my best friend for dinner and we are going to drive around town and check out the Mini Murals around town.  If you haven't noticed that some of our utility boxes have turned into works of arts.  UP Art Studio has been in collaboration with local artists, and they turned the traffic signal control cabinets into art.  The Houston art scene is really amazing!  Most of my friends are artists and a lot of the girls in my pictures aren't models, but some of Houston's most amazing artists!  We are such a diverse city and one of the fastest growing cities and our art scene is truly amazing, its such an amazing community and I'm so grateful to be a prat of it.  Pretty soon I will feature these muses on my blog and give you a bit more details and information on who they are and what they do!