Julieta Cahue

You see her in my photos all of the time....she's an amazing artist and one of my best friends!  Check out the article that I posted below that was written by Nayeli Garza for Chimera Magazine.


Julieta Cahue, a Gardenia, California born artist, currently resides in Houston. She divides her time evenly between her daughter, her daytime job as a graphic designer, and her artistic projects, but in between, all throughout, she is committed to discovering the feats of local creatives, tuned in to the experiences the art scene offers. She is an exceptional sculptor and painter, and valued by her contemporaries for her role as an activist as well.


Julieta grew up in Guanajuato, Mexico, and studied at Universidad La Salle, graduating with a double concentration in Fine Art and Graphic Design.

Her debut in Houston took place at the 43 art show, a demonstration of the local community’s solidarity with the families of the students missing in Ayotzinapa. The event set the tone for the ethos communicated by her work – inspiring a positive revision of how we view ourselves as collaborators for a common cause. Progress is an concept that many of Julieta’s works are rooted in, and she admits that she feels most inspired to create while viewing society through a critical lens. “I use art to express many different ideologies: the influences on society, distribution of power, social relations and values… For me, making art is a commentary of nature, of society. It is a way of causing an impact on the way we have been instructed to live.”


Julieta’s preferred mediums are acrylic on canvas, and clay. Though her paintings often marry political symbolism with traditional Mexican imagery and color use, her sculptures are a representation of her stylistic individuality, both in terms of their message and from. Nude forms, often represented in amorous embraces, are depicted as clay works. To her, they symbolize the generative potential of love between two beings.


Art has the power to manifest the contrast between reality and an individual’s ideology, she states. Her work provokes the audience to attend to exchange. Embedding themes of progress, rebellion, and opportunity within icons of heritage, tradition and power; the work resonates as it is familiar, yet at the same time a vessel for new ideas, a new interpretation of the world.


See more of her work at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cahue-Artwork/869748646380364?sk=timeline