Houston Restaurant Week

Our favorite time of year is here! Houston Restaurant Weeks celebrates food and charitable giving in Houston from August 1 through September 7, 2015.  Its so much fun to try new restaurants, and Houston is a city that eats!  Its a perfect time to get a babysitter and take the wife on a romantic date, or your significant other! Oh but don't think this is just for couples and romantic date nights....if anything I see more groups of friends and coworkers trying these places out more than anything!  But ladies and gentleman....HRW is also the time to find an excuse and invite that special someone out on a romantic date and go on a foodie adventure together ;)  

There are always new places popping up and its really hard to keep up sometimes because Houston is such a huge city.  I think HRW makes it so much easier to try new places or return to some of your favorite spots.  It also seems like this year they have really added a lot more places than the previous years.  They have special menus to last all month, so visit their website for more info and see what delicious food description catches your eye.  

I would list some of my favorite spots....but unfortunately there are way too many to name....but what I will list is some of the spots I'm dying to try :) 

  • Trevisio - because I've been to all of Hugo's other restaurants and he is amazing, and the building where Trevisio is located is one of my favorites in the city.
  • La Colombe D'Or - because I drive by there almost every day and I've never been and it just catches my eye for some odd reason.  I still haven't looked at the online menu but I'm sure I'll like it.
  • Prohibition Bar- I still haven't been to the new location and I cannot wait to eat dinner and watch the amazing new shows they have been working on.
  • Tango Malbec- because I love wine bars! LOL
  • Sharon's Seafood- because its always a good reason to go to the beach!