Happy Socks

So recently I was asked to do a collaboration with Happy Socks and I was pretty excited because I absolutely love cute socks!  I'm such a girly girl and would probably never wear socks while I'm dressed in fashionable streetwear, but because I'm in the medical field and I wear scrubs on a daily basis, I live for cute socks LOL! It is so hard to make scrubs look cute and give them a fashion flair, so you really have to accessorize so things aren't so boring.  Anyway I received about 6 pairs of socks from them during the month of December and they were all so unique and different.  They go up about mid calf ( I love wearing long socks with my scrubs because the hospital is always really cold).  They come in all different sizes and the patterns are unisex.  Some patterns are more girly than others, but there is so much to choose from for both males and females.  I think it really depends on what you like and how crazy you want your sock designs to get.  They are very comfortable and I'm so happy with them.

So here comes the fun part, which is the whole creative process where you get to choose props and models to help you out when photographing these cool socks! So I decided to team up with my creative assistant @amongsttheflowers on Instagram (be sure to go and follow) and we chose some really fun retro patterns to match an old record player.  We decided to model the socks ourselves and had soooo much fun with the shoot!  It wasn't easy to take pictures of my own feet but they came super cute!  I really want to thank Happy Socks for this amazing opportunity and can't wait to collaborate with them for more projects in the future!  

Here are a few shots from the photoshoot and you will probably see more on Instagram so be sure and follow me @leyla_moon!