Hydrafacial at Spa by Alessandra

Two weeks ago I had the chance to visit the amazing Spa by Alessandra that is located inside of Hotel Alessandra on the 5th floor. I was just looking into a day of pampering and lounging by the pool but it ended up turning into a mini staycation (that’s only because Hotel Alessandra happens to be my favorite hotel in downtown Houston and you can read my previous blog post here). I love the Hotel Alessandra for many reasons but this was my first time at the spa…


I arrived at Alessandra on a beautiful Friday afternoon and dropped off my car at the valet. Did you know that when you book a spa service at Spa by Alessandra your valet is comped and free for the day? I checked in at the front desk and luckily my room was ready so I had them take my things upstairs while I made my way up to the spa. I walked into heaven when I arrived at Spa by Alessandra. It has such a serene vibe and the stylish decor immediately catches your eye. They have a room for facials and another room that is for massage therapy (it happens to have an amazing view of downtown Houston). The spa offers hair and makeup services as well.

The beautiful ladies who work there make you feel right at home and put you at ease the moment you arrive. I was given some Fiji water and introduced to Carolina (my esthetician for the facial). She took me to the room and gave me instructions on what to do and what to expect throughout the procedure. I had a Hydrafacial and I’m breaking it down in this post so you can know exactly what it is and what it does for your skin.


A Hydrafacial consists of 3 steps and it takes a total of 30-45 minutes. There are various spa packages and options available at Spa by Alessandra but I had the basic one which is the Alessandra Hydrafacial (click here for various options). I was instructed to remove my clothes from the waist up and you basically lay on a massage table. After you undress and lay on the table the esthetician walks in and makes sure you are comfortable and wraps your hair up so that your upper shoulders and neck are exposed. Your body is covered with a warm and cozy blanket. There is soft music playing in the background and you smell the amazing scent of organic oils that are being diffused in the air to make your experience even more relaxing.

There is a machine that the esthetician operates that performs different functions and uses different techniques throughout the procedure. The first step is to cleanse the face thoroughly and then they start the exfoliation process which also feels amazing. This helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and also helps in shrinking pore size. She uses various serums to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Everyone has different skin issues so before beginning the actual procedure she will ask you a few questions to determine what it is that you need for your skin.

It feels so relaxing to have someone clean your face. I love how knowledgeable Carolina is and how much information she shares with you. I asked a lot of questions because I wanted to share the experience with you all but for the most part it can be just like a massage where you lay back and enjoy. At different times throughout the procedure she used warm towels and it felt amazing.

The next process is to remove debris and extract it from your skin. This process helps to unclog pores and minimize them. It is amazing how much stuff is removed from your skin and also kind of scary how much stuff seeps into our pores from makeup and beauty products as well as pollutants in the air that land on our skin (don’t forget to ask them to show you at the end). The machine uses a suction setting to remove all of this from your face, but have no fear because the suction is very minimal and doesn’t hurt one bit (I actually found it to be very refreshing and gives you a pleasurable sensation on your face).

The last part of this process is the the hydration (hence the term Hydrafacial). They basically replenish your skin with fluids and this is what will give you that dewy glow that will last for days. I drink a lot of water but it was amazing to see how dehydrated my skin was before the facial and how different it looked when I walked out. They also use various antioxidants and peptides to maximize the glow and that works to fuse and protect the skin. I cannot tell you how amazed I was when I walked out of there. My skin looked FABULOUS!!!!! I was afraid that I would have redness because I have very sensitive skin but it was such a gentle procedure that it left me with a glow that was like no other! A facial leaves your skin feeling so clean that it’s comparable to the feeling of a fresh haircut and wash…you literally feel brand new! I want to start getting this procedure every 8 weeks because I noticed my pore size decreased, I noticed the usual redness in my face diminished and the fine lines and wrinkles I was starting to see have also disappeared.

Beauty starts with skin and how you take care of it and although I have a great skincare routine I learned that a routine facial is extremely necessary because the impurities and debris that enter our pores is what causes that occasional breakout. I’m very fortunate to have great skin with very little problems but now I know that just like our hair and nails, it needs that occasional boost of vitamins and hydration. If you have problems with your skin I highly recommend Carolina at Spa by Alessandra. She knows so much about skincare and she can definitely break it down for you and tell you exactly what your skin needs in order to get it healthy and glowing!

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*Remember that when booking a spa service:

  • your parking ticket is validated and free at valet.

  • you can get an amazing workout at the fitness center that is located directly across from the spa.

  • you can lounge by the beautiful rooftop pool that overlooks downtown (you can order bites and cocktails by the pool as well).

  • you can dine at the beautiful Lucienne that is located on the 2nd floor.