Kérastase Fusio Dose Hair Treatment

 Kérastase approached me earlier this year for an amazing event for local Houston Bloggers and unfortunately the random ice storm that hit Houston that week left me unable to attend.  But truth be told...I was beyond excited when they followed up with me and said that the offer was still open and that I could come into Bella Rinova in River Oaks anytime to get my treatment.  I immediately said yes and planned my outing with my mom because I knew that a beauty day and brunch would be the perfect way for us to spend some time together.

I've heard about this treatment and this brand but I never gave it much thought because I have super straight hair.  I go into the salon about twice a year...for haircuts and color and the occasional treatment.  I have an amazing hair artist that keeps my color and cut on point (shoutout to Kristen owner of Muse Studio)!  My hair is very easy to deal with, very fine and very manageable.  I don't really have bad hair days because it doesn't frizz and it doesn't really get out of hand because it is so thin and fine.  I would say that my only problem is that it is very flat and it tangles a lot because of the bleach.  I struggle to have those voluminous looks (sometimes I wish I had extensions just for the extra volume).  On extra humid days (Houston weather ugh)...it tends to not hold curls very well. 

Well my momma is a different story...she has very curly hair and it is thin and short at the moment because she is always playing around with different styles and debating on whether she wants to keep coloring it or whether she is brave enough to go for full gray.  Over the years her hair has really changed.  In her younger years it was long and the curls were well defined but now that she is older the curls are less defined and she tends to straighten it a lot.  Houston weather makes her hair frizz because it isn't naturally straight and it's always a problem and she is always complaining about it so I wanted her to do something different!  

Fuseo Dose is an in-salon only hair care treatment.  It was developed for personal hair needs on each individual person's unique needs.  We all have different types of hair and different ways that we damage it so this this innovative method analyzes each person's individual hair needs and determines what will make it better.  In my case they used a mix that was for fine hair and for color damage.

image 6.JPEG


This process works by mixing Fusio Dose Cocentrate with Fusio Dose Booster.  There are so many endless possibilities as to what can be created.  In my mom's case they treated it for color and for styling, she also threw in a formula to relax it a bit and help with the frizz.  We first went into a wash station where the hair was washed and the scalp was massaged.  Then they added the Fusio treatment to my hair and left me there for about 10-15 mins before proceeding to my blow out.  My process was fairly simple and didn't take long but my mom's was more of a wash and then a relaxer before proceeding to the blow dry.  Her stylist Jeannie was amazing and gave her more insight and details on how to continue caring for her hair type with Kerastase products.




It has been a few weeks after the treatment and my hair is still super soft and it gets less tangled than before.  Bleaching your hair can be very damaging but my hair looks sleek and soft and shines more than ever.  My mom is absolutely in love with her hair and will now continue getting these Fusio Dose Treatments.  She can step outdoors into this Houston humidity and she is looking great and her hairstyle remains intact without the frizz and curls creeping up.  I think if you have curly or wavy hair then this is a must do!  Bella Rinova is located in River Oaks and this is where we got our treatments done.  The Fusio Dose Treatments start at about $65.00 and up and a blow out is about $50.00.  This treatment will last about 3 months in your hair, but if you maintain it with the products it may even last a little longer.  Thank you Kerastase for the amazing treatment and for the products that they sent us to keep up with it.