What I Wore 11/17 : Dallas, Texas

I love fashion and I hate shopping...unless it's absolutely necessary and I have nothing to wear (which seems to be kind of often).  Anyway I'll start doing a breakdown of my outfits on here so that you can see where I purchased things and so I can link them.  Lately I have discovered thrifting and although I'm still not very good at it, there have been a few instances where I find the cutest things and I can't get over how happy it makes me. 

I'll try to show you where I go and what I find so that you can find things that are similar to it!


My purse is from a thrift store...I went thrifting with my sister and she found it and was like you need to take this and so I did...one of the best things I've ever purchased because it seems to look great with so many of my summer and winter outfits.  It has no label and it is made out of a beautiful type of leather in a camel color....I LOVE IT SO MUCH :)

My coat is from Forever 21.  I love the color but obviously it was a cheap buy and it wrinkles very easily...it's not that warm but you know Houston never got cold until 2018 LOL...so nowadays I realize that it isn't warm and a thing that you buy but def won't last.  I feel that a beautiful coat like this is def an item that you should invest money into.

My shoes are from Target and I absolutely adore them.  They are a mauve dirty old pink...I love the style and I love the heel height and I love how comfortable they are.  They have some laces that tie around the ankle and I think that is what makes the beautiful shoe...I would buy a  million more of these if I could and in every color.

The shirt...ummmm I stole it from my baby sis so I don't know because I gave it back.  Its a beautiful knitted sleeveless sweater with an amazing neckline...she's got good taste.


Until next time...