Philosophy - Detoxifying Oxygen Peel

Lately I've discovered a simple 2 step detoxifying oxygen peel from Philosophy!  I love beauty treatments that can be done at home...they are such a fun way to stay in and enjoy the evening all while taking care of yourself and making yourself beautiful.  It is amazing what a little tender care and love can do for yourself and for your body.  Anyway...I had only tried the microdermabrasion peel that they have but I was excited to find this in my box of goodies.  I love Philosophy products because it is the one brand that will never make my skin break out...therefore I'm not afraid to try new products of theirs.






So you can buy this product online on the Philosophy website or you can go to Ulta.  It is about $60 and I think it is an amazing product that is totally worth the price.  I like how simple it is to use and the end results are amazing.  This is my third time using and so now I can really judge it and review it and let you know exactly how I feel about it.  The first time I used the product, I wasn't too sure if I was doing it right, but I after reading reviews and seeing tutorials...I realized that I was.  It was just too easy and there wasn't any premixing or complicated steps to it.  I was blessed with very great skin but I do have pores and unwanted blackheads or whiteheads from the makeup that I wear.  Occasionally I will get a hormonal breakout during my cycle, but overall my skin is in between dry and oily.  During the week I try to keep it very minimal with my makeup, but with the use of sheer moisturizers with SPF and foundation I notice that my pores get clogged and my skin doesn't have that natural glow.  

The first step is to apply a generous amount of the detoxifying charcoal gel, until your face is completely covered with this black gel.  I like to do this beauty treatment before I shower since it can get a bit messy.  You can wait about 5 minutes and you will notice a slight tingling sensation on your face.  The charcoal serves to remove buildup and impurities in your skin.  You then move forward to Step 2...and that is to apply the oxygen foam booster all over your charcoal mask.

The mask then turns into a foam and changes to a gray color and you can feel it activating on your skin.  You leave it on for a 3-5 minutes and you really start feeling hydration on your skin.  In 3 minutes it gives your skin a burst of fresh oxygen.  It comes with this plastic blade that is the last step of this beauty mask.  You use it to remove the foam and gently scrape off the areas around your nose, cheeks or forehead.  You then wash it all off and it feels amazing!  

This peel was exactly what I needed to bring my skin back to life!  Thank you for always coming through Philosophy, this mask made my skin look bright, my skin feel fresh and my face glows again!