Beauty Day Sunday - Aztec Clay Mask

Every Sunday I'll be telling you about each one of my favorite beauty products! I usually like to wind down and relax on Sundays and get ready for a busy week ahead, so that gives me time to lounge at home and lather myself in beauty products.  Having a daily skincare routine is so important for you... but I don't always find the time to sit around with a face mask on, so I leave that for my lazy Sundays.  

This Sunday my focus is on My Aztec Healing Clay.  I remember buying this from Amazon a while back but you can even purchase it at Whole Foods or HEB (if you prefer to shop local).  It literally lasts forever!  I have shared so much of this product with my sister because it comes in a pretty big jar.  This is one of my favorite masks to detoxify your pores in a very natural way and it always leaves my skin feeling amazing!  Did you know that clay extracts toxins and impurities from our bodies?  Some people even add a dash of organic honey to the paste for rejuvenating properties.  I have yet to try it, but as soon as I develop a DIY honey mask at home, I will give you all the details on here, so check back for updates.

This Aztec Healing Clay is very easy to use, you start off by using a non metal bowl and a non metal utensil.  I chose a clean paintbrush to mix it with and apply it over my face evenly.  You take a bit of powder and pour just enough apple cider vinegar to make a thin creamy paste.  A little goes a long way so try to use a small quantity and apply all over your face evenly.  In about 10 minutes or so, the paste will harden and you will feel your face super stiff.  You can leave it on for 10 minutes or less if you have very sensitive skin.  I have very sensitive skin, but this usually doesn't cause a reaction so I leave it on about 12 minutes (always remember to do a spot check and apply there first to test it on yourself).  I usually do this little beauty routine right before I shower because the clay hardens up and you will have a green face and it can get a little messy.  

I hope you enjoy the fact that its affordable, all natural and I hope it leaves you feeling radiant ;)  

*If you have extra clay that you didn't use, I wouldn't throw it down the sink because it hardens, so instead you should dispose of it in a trashcan.