My favorite beauty products...

As I've gotten older, I kind of feel like less is best.  I have toned down my makeup a lot!  I always preach to my nieces about how natural makeup is better, and some listen and some don't but I guess we all learn eventually.  I have a combination of products that make me look sort of natural, but in reality it isn't natural at all because it takes like 6 different products to achieve a "natural" look.  So ya'll know that I tell it like it is...and here they are....

First I moisturize...SPF and a good moisturizer.  I will go into detail about my SPF in another post because I have literally turned into my mother as I age.  I never cared about SPF or realized how important it is but it is a MUST!  Anyway...I moisturize with Hope in a Jar by Philosophy.  I love Philosophy products and I'm a total Philosophy Girl when it comes to skincare.  I highly recommend their products, search my previous posts for a few more tips on their skincare line.  I feel like I slacked for so many years, but it is so important to moisturize (and don't forget the number 1 rule: drink more water).

  • My choice of primer is a drug store brand called Milani.  You have probably seen it, and I like the name and its catchy and it is affordable so therefore I decided to try it.  I like that it is a mattifying primer and a pore minimizer (it is also oil free).  It comes in a little black bottle.  There are several kinds, but just read the bottle to suit your preference.  It's relatively cheap and under $12.
  • I've been hooked on Urban Decay liquid makeup for a while now.  Ever since I discovered the Naked Skin line of liquid makeup I have stuck to it and I refuse to change.  I go back and forth between shades because my skin color changes a little bit in the summer, but they have so many different tones so you can also mix and match if you change too.  I really love the lightweight coverage it gives me and the fact that it doesn't feel like my face is overdone.  The bottle actually describes it as weightless ultra definition liquid makeup, and it is exactly that.  I honestly hate wearing makeup and I feel like the older I get, the more I dislike the feeling of having it on my skin.
  • I USED to love wearing NARS blush.  Most of their tones are awesome but I usually stick to the color Madly for my natural look.  It doesn't stand out too much so I like it for an everyday look.  I love NARS Deep Throat and Orgasm also, but those are more for going out to maybe a bar scene or an evening event where I want a little more color.  BUT HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS ABOUT HOW THEY ARE ALLOWING ANIMAL TESTING IN CHINA FOR THEIR PRODUCTS??? (READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE) NOT COOL...AND I WON'T BE BUYING ANY MORE OF THEIR PRODUCTS UNTIL THEY RECONSIDER! 
  • My favorite mascara is by Maybelline....I wear the Colossal Volume mascara in black.  I love it and I've tried high end mascara's but this one will forever be my favorite.  I have very fine thin lashes so I never wear waterproof...I stick to the regular kind and it lasts all day, even if I'm out by the beach or the pool.
  • I fill in my brows with Tart Eyebrow Clay.  Again, I have very fine thin hair so filling in my brows is a must.  I love this product because it makes my brows look so natural.  It comes with a cute little brush so that you can apply it very easy, and on the opposite end it has like a little mascara brush so that you can comb them.
  • Sometimes I do a little contour, sometimes I don't.  I was blessed with massive cheekbones (shoutout to  my ancestors for that) so at times I do like to accentuate them even more and for that I use the Lorac Pro Contour Palette.  I love it.  The tones are very natural....I'm still learning how to do this stuff...I'm old school and I do not learn by watching youtube LOL (I seriously wish I could but I never get it right).  Anyway I love it, it lasts forever and it even comes with a beautiful highlighter that is very natural for the everyday look.


On most days I only wear sunscreen and I refuse to put anything else on so that my skin and pores can breath.  Nothing against people who love wearing it, because yes...who doesn't like to look flawless...WE ALL DO ;)  I just feel that I have come to a point in life where I have embraced my imperfections, and on most days I prefer to go without it.  I do love makeup and getting dolled up makes me look, and I think it is very important to wear good makeup for important photoshoots.  On the daily...I just rather go without ;)  My skin isn't perfect...I have blemishes and under eye circles and I have a few skin diseases that I deal with but I'll discuss those in another post so stay tuned.

I do glam up every now and then but this is my everyday look...I hope you give these products a try and that you love them as much as I do!