Mother's Day Gift Guide

I'm so blessed to have my momma....she is like one of my bestest friends!  We have weekly coffee dates, we go on little adventures and we have plenty of lunch dates all over town.  We love to go antiquing or exploring so I guess I get my little wanderlust heart from her!  

I have had tons of free time lately and I spend a lot of time with I guess you can say we do fun stuff everyday and I'm really lucky that I can do that.  I know we are all busy and many of us hardly get to spend time with our mothers, but if you have that free time...DO SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR HER!  Little things and ideas never go unnoticed and it isn't so much about the whole gift giving process but about the actual thought and time that you make for it.  Show your mom that you appreciate her, because lawdddddd knows our mothers go above and beyond for us.  Honestly...I'm so against hallmark holidays and buying unnecessary things if you don't have the money for it, but one thing I will always value is someone's time and effort.  

So here are a few fun ideas for you and your mom ;) I hope you enjoy and I hope every mother reading this has an amazing day and a wonderful Mothers Day Weekend!

1.  Lunch or dinner on the Kemah Boardwalk!  Why?  Because it is one of the prettiest places in Houston.  It is so peaceful to be by the water, it is so much fun to people watch and there are so many options for delicious food.  Lately our weather has been awesome, so go out and enjoy it before our hot summer arrives!

2.  Unique gifts are my favorite!  Who doesn't love beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets but if you are low on cash, get her a beautiful plant.  Flower arrangements can be extremely pricey during holidays like this, so a plant is a beautiful and thoughtful alternative.  Some of my favorite plants are the snakeplant, aloe vera or succulents or cacti.  They are very easy to maintain and care for and they make such beautiful gifts for the home or office!  I still have beautiful terrariums available so DM me for details.

3.  Pedi's and Mani's are a must because summer is coming!  Get your mom a gift card to one of the salons around town...or an even better idea is to go together and spend some quality time relaxing at a spa.  My mom and I went last week to get pedicures and it was so relaxing to just sit there and scroll through beautiful pictures on our Instagrams (LOL yes....I got my momma hooked on Instagram and she is so inspired by ideas and beauty from the amazing people she follows on there).

4.  Candles!  I love candles, and I think every woman loves candles.  If you are like me and love to support local...check out  Manready Mercantile's collection of soy candles!  The candles are made from soy, so you have won't have soot or carcinogens in the air.  I think candles are such a perfect gift because a scent stays with us forever.  It is almost like a feeling of nostalgia because a scent reminds you of a certain place in time.  It makes my home feel cozy and after a long busy work day there is no better feeling than coming home to a relaxing atmosphere with good music and the soft glow of flickering candle.

5. BRUNCH!  Women love brunch!  Houston is such a diverse city and we have so many cool restaurants that have fabulous brunch menus.  Plan ahead because things get a little crazy during mothers day weekend, so reservations are a must.  Some of my favorite brunch spots are :