The real deal on my Flat Tummy Tea

You have been seeing a lot of Flat Tummy Tea ads and sponsored posts on my Instagram.  I have so many DMs and texts and emails asking me about it so here is the info you have been asking for. I jumped on the tea fad a few months ago because I love herbal teas and mainly because it is all natural.  I was contacted by Flat Tummy Tea and asked to be an ambassador for the month of February and so they sent me my personal tea packets in a cute little navy blue pouch.  There were two packets, one for day (called Activate) and one for night (called Cleanse) and they are in my favorite colors which is also really cool: light pink and a light tone of gray. 


So basically this tea is helps and improve your digestive system and it has various teas in it that aid in digestion.  It is a loose tea, and doesn't come in individual packages, so a little goes a really long way.  Flat Tummy Tea targets bloating and any woman knows that bloat is our enemy.  Bloat can be caused by eating certain foods like white starches or carbs and some people have bloating from certain vegetables or fruit.  Being a woman is tough because our hormonal cycles shift and fluctuate every week so you might notice bloating is more severe at certain times of your cycle.  If you notice bloating before and during your period, that is because of the high levels of estrogen and progesterone.  Water retention is such a terrible feeling and combined with bad diet that usually leads to gas or constipation.  

So this is when Flat Tummy Tea comes into play.  It is made specifically to target that problem.  It doesn't have a weight loss aid that will miraculously help you shed 100 lbs like most people think.  It is to aid you so that bloating is reduced and your energy levels are replenished.  You can drink this tea daily because it is made from natural ingredients like green tea, cardamom, peppermint, and plenty of other ingredients with antioxidants that will help your body and regulate your metabolism.  This tea isn't a laxative and should not have you running to the restroom (because that was an issue for the people who were asking me about it, so yes it is safe to take daily).  Before taking any tea or any supplement that you see online, and you have a medical condition, it is highly important that you consult with your physician beforehand and do not rely on results or what works for others.

I agreed to represent this brand because I only use products that I believe in.  It is all natural and that is where I was sold.  I personally don't believe in taking diet supplements or drugs or anything to aid in weight loss.  I've always had great results the good old fashioned way and that is with lots of determination, clean and healthy dieting and lots of exercise.  For those of you who know me personally, you all know that my weight loss journey has come a really long way.  It was a gradual journey that took time and lots of hard work.  It didn't happen overnight and the struggle is real, because let me tell ya...each and everyday I work very hard to be where I am.  I have my cheat days of course and I never deprive myself of anything but I hate when people ask me what I used or what I took.  There is no magical pill out there and there is no magical tea or potion or bodyshaper that is going to turn your body into what you want it to be.  I believe in diet and exercise and proper nutrition and everyone is different so figure out what works for you and your body type.

If you are a tea drinker remember to try this tea out because it will have you feeling great and it will def get you that flat head over to the official website for more information!

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