The other night I posted my Goldenmilk bedtime routine on my Instastories and I got a million questions on it.  I'm very new to Goldenmilk myself... but I've always been a big believer of natural supplements and herbs to cure our bodies.  I find it so amazing how every culture has different herbs, and spices and beliefs on the ailments of the human body....and many are quite similar but done in so many different ways.  

I read about Turmeric ages ago and I was fascinated by its natural healing anti-inflammatory agents.  Growing up in my Mexican-American culture....that was unheard of and very rare.  We don't cook many foods with Turmeric like other cultures do, but I'm always very open to try new things, especially when I know they are beneficial to my health and body.  


Turmeric is in the same family as ginger, and it is a a beautiful yellow golden powder that is derived from curcumin and it is full of rich antioxidants.  You can use this spice in many different dishes, but lately I have discovered Golden Milk.  So is Turmeric mixed in with your milk....and it is insanely delicious.  I also noticed that I started sleeping better when I started drinking it as my night time routine.  I later looked it up...because I am that girl that researches everything and guessed it...that is another great benefit from it...but keep reading so you can learn a lot more!

Lately I realize that a great amount of people suffer from sleeping problems and I think a major part of our daily problems arise from our unrestful sleep.  I'm no doctor but I've been in the medical field long enough to know that natural food and herbs is the best way to cure your body before seeking medical attention.  I  hope you give this a try before trying drugstore pharmacy products and I hope it works for you.

You can make your own mix... but I found an amazing mix at Whole Foods from Gaia Herbs.  It is a delicious blend of turmeric, dates and herbs.  I usually warm some almond milk or coconut milk before bedtime and then mix up this wonderful concoction.  I think you can use any milk you please (try to drink non-gmo organic milk, it is highly important you read up on it if you haven't done so already).  I add a small teaspoon of this wonderful mix from Gaia Herbs.  I also like to sprinkle cinnamon on it for some added flavor and it gives it such a delicious taste (I went a little crazy with the cinnamon as you can tell from my pictures LOL, and the last picture shows it all mixed in).  Cinnamon not only adds flavor but it has its own healing properties that reduce insulin resistance and it is also very high in antioxidants.

The beautiful blend of spices is perfect for the holiday season, but because it is healthy...I will be consuming it a little more often that necessary.  I've also noticed that people make iced lattes and other delicious drinks with it, and I'm very curious to try that next.  I also just found out that Whole Foods in Sugarland makes a delicious Goldenmilk Cake....I can't wait to try that and I'm excited to see how it looks!  I will post some really cute pictures as soon as I get my hands on it...and remember any of your Whole Foods Market locations in the Houston area carry this wonderful product!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Benefits of GoldenMilk

  • anti-inflammatory
  •  anti-oxidant
  • anti-carcinogenic
  • helps maintain cholesterol levels
  • lowers triglycerides
  • promotes digestive health
  • liver detoxifier
  • regulates metabolism and weight
  • improves brain and memory functions

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