Island Smoothie Bowls

I decided to get a little creative with my smoothie bowls last week.  These are perfect if you are having a party this summer and want to set up a beautiful table.  If you are on the go and would prefer the easy version....just keep reading!


I started this initial idea with inspo from the ever so popular Acai bowls...but I didn't have the mix so instead I used raspberries mixed with greek yogurt to create a beautiful pink smoothie mix.  I added some bananas as well so that the consistency would be thicker and your toppings wouldn't disappear into the mix.  After that I placed the mix in the fridge so it would solidify a bit more.

Then I chopped up fruit and you can basically throw anything into that mix.  I used dragonfruit (because it's so delicious and pretty), raspberries, blueberries and I put it all inside of a coconut that I split in half.  If you are just creating a smoothie bowl for morning breakfast, you can just throw it all in a bowl and add granola or almonds and even pieces of coconut or coconut shreddings.  If I want it as a sweet treat, I would add a little honey but if not I usually keep it pretty simple.

If you want to make a table setup, you can easily use monstera deliciosa leaves like I did, or if you don't own one, you can always purchase leaves at a flower store.  Banana tree leaves are also beautiful, or anything tropical.  You can use any cute little flowers to brighten everything up...I ended up using white and hot pink because I was really feeling those tropical vibes.

Hope you enjoy this simple recipe for a great power breakfast when you are on the go!