Leyla Moon

Leyla Moon is a Houston, Texas based Mexican-American artist.  She grew up on a combination of fashion magazines, a deep love for reading and a vast array of musical influences.  Her unique aesthetic is influenced by the Spanish language, her city and her strong ties to the Middle Eastern culture.  In her early years she explored different art mediums, but it wasn't until the age of 12 that she became enamored with photography when she was selected to be a part of FotoFest Houston.  FotoFest is an international non-profit photographic arts and education organization based in Houston, Texas.  From that moment on, she realized that with photography she could express feelings and capture emotions that were difficult for her to express in everyday life.  She cites her biggest influence of inspiration from the little instances of beauty she finds strewn across daily life while chasing sunrises and sunsets.  A heart full of wanderlust gives her inspiration to create while she discovers the panoramas of new places, and sees her photographic art as a record of those adventures.  Traveling has always been one of her biggest passions, so her camera became the best companion to explore new cities and capture the beauty of a precise moment in time.  Her work features a combination of ethereal color compositions and the subject matter flows freely between models, landscapes, and the architecture of a city.  A Houstonian at heart,  she is focused on exploring Houston and showing the world all of the wonderful aspects that her city has to offer.


En La Luna

I started this blog in 2015 as a creative outlet to share some of my favorite things in life.  This blog gives you an insight to my daily life and my love for fashion, beauty, plants and travel all in one space.  Creativity and self expression are a fundamental part of my life and I would be lost without it.  I hope that my ideas and experiences inspire and motivate anyone reading this.  I'm also very happy to announce that I have launched my online shop En La Luna this year.  

Please stay tuned for more beautiful things to come in the near future, and I thank you all for the continued support!


Leyla Moon


Photography headshots overlooking Houston by Brian Edwards.


6/2015 : We In Houston: An Observation of the City's Visuals.  Houston Photography Project

7/2016 : HCWE Presents: Through the Viewfinder Volume 2


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